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Feb 5, 2010 04:12 PM

okonomiyaki in seattle?

are there any decent okonomiyaki spots in seattle? i just moved here from sf and am completely in the dark up here. thanks!

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  1. This comes up on the board many times before.
    Last time, someone posted this nice link (which i bookmarked).

    Boom (at least the Bellevue one) and Daimonji are probably the best of the lot, but neither is particularly great.

    1. I had some okonomiyaki at Kushi Bar and I would put it in the 'decent' category. Not as good as what I got in Japan, but still enjoyable. The overall experience at Kushi Bar was fun.

      Billy Bob

      Kushi Bar
      2319 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

      1. Thanks for your recommendations. I'll check them out soon.

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          Agree with the above...Seattle has had a nice little boom in izakaya places in the last couple of years, and food we used to have to go to Vancouver for (ramen, okonomiyaki, etc.) have started to turn up on menus around town.

          I like but don't love the okonomiyaki at Kushi and Boom Noodle. I really like both places, anyway, even though neither does a traditional okonomiyaki...both are in bar districts, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised they are light on the cabbage. You can also get a more traditional seafood version at Daimonji (sp?) in Georgetown.

        2. Has anyone tried Koji Osakaya? I know they serve it, but I've never been.