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Feb 5, 2010 04:11 PM

Does anyone know anything about John's Bar or Danny's Bar, Dry Harbor Road??

These two bars are across from each other, and was wondering if there's food?? and what they have, and just want to know which bar I should go to??..Which do people prefer??

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  1. Slim restaurant pickings in the immediate area. I've been to Danny Boy's a few times; the last time over a year ago. The pub grub is just OK but the more refined(?) menu items were better than expected. I liked the hanger steak and beer batter shimp. I also had good braised shortribs once.
    As far as I know John's bar is just a neighborhood bar. I've never heard that they serve food.

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    1. re: Jackh

      Thanks for the reply. Is there anything else in the area?? Bars with food or just interesting??

      1. re: wonka

        That about sums it up. Middle Village is not a great spot for good Grub.

        1. re: wonka

          Woodhaven House is a decent Irish Pub.

          1. re: johnk

            John's is just a neighborhood bar. You should check out Danny Boy's the food is excellent.

            Danny Boy's
            64-56 Dry Harbor Rd, Queens, NY 11379

      2. just saw on some other thread that Danny Boy's burger kicks butt. but i haven't had it, that's just second-hand info.

        Danny Boy's
        64-56 Dry Harbor Rd, Queens, NY 11379