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Feb 5, 2010 04:08 PM

Does anyone know if you can freeze heavy cream?? [moved from Manhattan board]

I got to much cream on hand, 40% butter fat, and was wondering if I could freeze it??

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  1. Heavy cream 40%, and yogurt, when unopened, have stayed fine a good couple months or more (by accident, of course!) in my 36 degree F. fridge. I'd recommend that route over freezing it if unopened, and the time span works..

    If it's been opened, all bets are off, as critters may grow slowly, yet quite happily in it at even 40 degree temps .
    **As an aside--, some fridges of friends ranged from 39-45 degrees (best is 35 to 38 generally-colder than 36 for fish, and a tad warmer at 40 for veggies as colder spots may freeze them) , so checking your fridge in several areas is a good idea.(Put a thermometer in the middle of a glass of water and let sit for 12 hours to equiibrate. (If you're compulsive, try it at each shelf's level to find the cold spots).

    Back to cream. Depends what your intended use it. I've frozen it alone (and have also done so in ice creams with sugar or fruits), however I've used it for soups and sauces-I've heard it's not as good for whipping after.

    Easy thing-freeze some, and later defrost it, and let us know how your mileage is.