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Feb 5, 2010 03:49 PM

Best Place for Dinner in Kobe

Where is the top recommendation for 1 dinner in Kobe. We'd love to try some of the famed Kobe beef but don't want to spend upwards of 12,000 pp for dinner. I'd appreciate some recommendations. Thanks.

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  1. My recommendation for one meal in Kobe would be Sun ( ) for food that's creative, modern, local and very tasty. It also has stunning decor, a good view (quite rare in Kobe) and a warm atmosphere for its size. One thing it doesn't have is Kobe beef, although they do use a premium beef from nearby Nara for a few of their dishes.

    If you decide to go the tourist route and do Kobe beef, A-1 or Ohnishi provide good value for money.

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      I would suggest Kochan's Lapin (Rapan [sic]). The food is good (if they have oysters as a separate appetizer, definitely get them), the owner is very friendly, and they're foreigner-friendly. The prices are reasonable. The type of beef varies depending on the day--it's always Japanese, but not necessarily Kobe (but it's always excellent quality). You can also choose from different qualities beef (prices will vary). is their website is the menu (the most expensive course for dinner is Y7600--100g of the special beef of the night or Y6800 if you only get 80g. I find 80g is usually enough for me because of all the other stuff that comes with the meal). The website is all in Japanese, but I'm pretty sure they have a menus (it's very popular with the ex-pats who live in the area). It's a nice restaurant, too, and check out the sink in the washroom. It's very cool!

      I forgot to mention, Lapin is in the Okamoto area of Kobe, which is a short train ride from downtown Kobe. If you're travelling from Osaka to Kobe to go sightseeing for the day, it would be on your way back to Osaka from Kobe, and the restaurant is close to both the JR and Hankyu stations.

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        I will be traveling from Hiroshima to Kyoto, and wanted to stop in Kobe for dinner. Would this be possible? Is it near the station?

        1. re: Foodie Fiend

          Ah. Then you'd be at ShinKobe Station. It's not convenient from there.

          In that area, there's Wakkoqu where you can get sets for under Y10 000. Their website is very foreigner-friendly, and you can make reservations online.

          There's also Kitano on the 5th floor of Crowne Plaza ANA which is attached to Shin Kobe Station. I can't find a menu online, but if you were to e-mail the hotel, they could probably fax you a menu, or at least give you a range of costs. IIRC, it's costly, so I don't know if it will fit your budget.

          1. re: prasantrin

            Prasantrin, thank you. I think we'll go to Wakkoqu. Is the beef style sukiyaki there?

            1. re: Foodie Fiend

              Did you look at the menu? I posted the link.

              1. re: prasantrin

                Yes, it looks like it has tenderloins, sirloin, etc. - more like a steak house?

                1. re: Foodie Fiend

                  Yes. When people talk about eating the best wagyu, it's more often in teppanyaki-form than sukiyaki. Sukiyaki is more of a simmered dish--what's the point of using the best Japanese beef if all you're going to do is simmer it in soy, sugar, and mirin? You hide the flavour of the beef and you can't appreciate the tenderness (one of the more important characteristics of the best wagyu), either.

                  If you're set on sukiyaki, then I would suggest not bothering with expensive wagyu. Go for average/cheap wagyu.

          2. re: Foodie Fiend

            Where are you planning to eat in Hiroshima?

            1. re: E Eto

              I haven't done research on Hiroshima yet. I've heard that oysters are in season so I'd love to try some of them in Hiroshima. Any recommendations for a great lunch place?

              1. re: Foodie Fiend

                If you're okay with a very casual place, I'd recommend checking out Okonomimura. Okonomimura is a 4-floor complex of nothing but okonomiyaki stalls... there are about two dozens of them. Hiroshima's most famous food is Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki... flour-based batter baked thin like savory pancake with scallions, pork, shrimp, yakisoba noodles, with teriyaki-like sauce poured on. It's hard to choose which stall to go to. I've been to only 3 or 4 of them... so far, I think my favorite one was the one called Kyu-chan (4th flr) which is closed on Tuesdays.