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Feb 5, 2010 03:43 PM

Sauca food truck in DC... Are you experienced?

Heard about this from an email via Tasting Table (which has just expanded to DC).

"This new food truck makes its curbside debut at lunch today (around 18th and I streets NW, weather permitting) with a bazaar of popular flavors from around the world, all adapted into fillings for grilled flatbread sandwiches."...

..."The truck itself boasts a full kitchen, so food is cooked--rather than just warmed--onboard. And a sound system complete with microphones could lead to impromptu karaoke."

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  1. I'm curious as well. Usually anything with that many different types of food in one place scares me off, but I really want to support good DC street food. Anyone?

    1. I'm eating the fish taco now, and I can't wait to post, it's so good!! And they take credit card!

      1. I finally came across the Sauca truck yesterday; I've been dying to try it for awhile now. I had looked at their menu online, so I knew what I would order - the pork bahn mi. I am constantly on the hunt for a great bahn mi -- and this, most definitely, is NOT it. It was pretty awful, in fact. This is a bahn mi for people who have never had one and no idea of what is supposed to taste like. The pork was really strange in consistency and it had this bizarre sweet sauce which in no way resembled a bahn mi. They also made no attempt to use the right kind of bread. It was served on a flatbread, which is guess is the same bread they use for all their sandwiches. I think I need to put the bahn mi in the same category as pad thai -- i.e. "things I never order in DC because I'm always horribly disappointed when I do."

        The guys in the cart were great, and even gave me a free lemonade because it was my first time and I told them I'd been following them on Facebook, etc. -- very generous of them!

        If I come across the Sauca truck again, I'll try something else. I'm not going to give up on them completely after one go, but I've had my last bahn mi from them for sure.

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          With the Sauca truck you have to take the names of the sandwiches very loosely. My first Sauca was a gyro. The meat was nothing like what you'd get when you order a gyro at a greek joint. Not bad, just not a real gyro.

          But, the flatbread is fantastic. I plan to try the merguez sausage next.

          1. re: Bob W

            The merguez sausage is next on my list, too!

          2. re: woodleyparkhound

            See, I liked the pork sandwich. However, I've never had authentic Bahn Mi before so I will accept your verdict. My colleague had the Butter Chicken, but I found it to be too filled with rice which detracted from the overall wrap. I find them to be hit or miss, though I love the concept and the guys seem really nice.

            They just rolled out a second truck, so business must be good.

            1. re: Dreamworks

              If you want to try a real Bahn Mi, just pop out to Eden Center in Falls Church. A real one will set you back around $3. Combine with a refreshing bubble drink and you're living large.

              Eden Center
              Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

                1. re: Bob W

                  I have tried a bahn mi at Eden Center -- not as disappointing as Sauca, but certainly not worth a second trip, given what a hassle it is for me to get out there. I'm pretty sure the place I bought mine from there was Song Que.

                  1. re: woodleyparkhound

                    Song Que has been hitting on all cylinders lately. Bread has been super-fresh, all the grilled meats are very fine. But it's true that many of the places at Eden Center have gone through periods of disappointment. Banh Mi So 1 has been consistently bad for a while now and used to be my favorite.

                    Eden Center
                    Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

            2. The merguez is deeeeeelish! Plus I love love so many of the sauces they offer. Could care less if anything is "authentic" -- that's such a BS pretentious standard anyway. What I care about is that it's yummy, convenient, a welcome relief from dowtown chain limbo, and I can make two meals out of a sandwich!

              1. Had my first experience at Sauca about two weeks ago, on a Saturday afternoon. This was much anticipated since I've been tracking them on twitter for weeks but haven't been able to fit them in. So, I think the bread is really really good. Worthy of another trip just because it was so deliciously warm and chewy and satisfying. Super fresh and I haven't seen anything exactly like it in DC. However, I ordered the fish taco and I thought the fish was kind of "meh", not so fresh tasting, and the sauces were just kind of gross. Too sweet or something, just not good at all. This makes me worried about the potential of all of their sauces, which is unfortunate...
                By the way, the worker there told me they expanding to two and then four carts over the summer. So they must be having a lot of success.

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                1. re: hamster

                  "the sauces were just kind of gross. Too sweet or something, just not good at all" -- I couldn't agree more, hamster.