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Feb 5, 2010 03:28 PM

Need dinner recommendation in or near Point Loma

Greetings! I am staying at The Pearl Hotel for one night while in SD on business. I am looking for recommendations for dinner spots close by. Either walking or a short cab ride. It cant be too pricey as I will be dining on the expense account and things arent what they used to be. Open to any categories but am naturally interested in seafood as I am coming in from Phoenix. I prefer small bistro vibes rather than big power restaurants and will probably be dining alone so any place with a bar would be good. I thank all you SD chowhounds in advance for your time and your recommendations!!

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  1. The Pearl Hotel actually has a really good restaurant and you probably don't need to go anywhere. A few other options nearby: Roseville, Con Pane (lunch), and Point Loma Seafood.

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      I like the restaurant at the Pearl Hotel but it is pretty much an outdoor restaurant only and with the current weather I wouldn't really recommend eating there now.

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        Isnt Point Loma Seafood only open for lunch?

      2. The Brigantine is about 5 blocks away and they have great Fish Tacos in the bar, so it kind of fits what you want (price & seafood). It would be a shame for you not to eat at Tender Greens, located at Liberty Station (the old NTC training center). The food is fresh and the entrees are $10 and there are always people eating solo in there. It's got a cool, breezy atmosphere and friendly staff.

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          Thanks for all the tips. Such a shame I only have one night. I will save the places I dont hit until next time