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Feb 5, 2010 02:24 PM

Birthday Dinner within 45 minutes of Hartford CT

I'm looking for a new experience for a birthday dinner for Feb. 13th 2010. Someplace special with easy access (the parents are in their 80's) preferebly with good parking. We certainly enjoy but don't want to go to: Any of the Max restaurants, Carmen Anthonys, or Bricco's. Plainville and Southington are out (we've eaten everywhere there). Anything goes except for Mexican and French and we don't mind spending the money as long as it is worth it. I know this could be a long list, but we are really stumped for suggestions!

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  1. Metro Bis in Simsbury?
    lots of parking and i believe there is a ramp.

    1. Carole Peck's Good News Cafe should make it under your 45 minute mark, depending on traffic, timing, and where you live in Hartford.

      Parking and access shouldn't be a problem.

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        I agree with both Metro Bis and Good News Cafe.... also, Pond House Cafe in Elizabeth Park in West Hartford is a nice setting with easy access... don't know if they're still BYOB or not... or Firebox on Broad St in Hartford...great food and easy access with their own free parking lot

        1. re: LenaInNE

          IMO, the only reason for Pond House is the view....which leaves a lot to be desired in February. Save it for the Spring, when the gardens are in bloom and the beauty will outweigh the mediocrity of the food. It's not BAD food....but it does NOT compare to Carole Peck.

          Have not been to Metro Bis so can't compare.

        2. re: hungrykids

          Another vote for Carole Peck's. This is our favorite place for celebrating.

          By coincidence, for my birthday a week or so ago I didn't feel like going out so we picked up an order of her "adult baked macaroni with lobster" to take home. They gave uus the usual country bread an plenty of papadums, and that with some cold shrimp and a nice salad was plenty for the two of us.

        3. I would strongly recommend the Mill at 2T in Tariffville, but this year the birthday boy or girl picked a really bad day to be born. The odds of getting a res there now for the 13th are between slim and none (V-day overflow).

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            I know. We are very late in deciding on a place given its V-day weekend. Thanks for all the suggestions. I never heard of the mill at 2T. The menu looks interesting. We haven't been to Carole Peck's in a while and the I completely forgot about the Firebox. Any more tips out there?

          2. You could try "Mill on the River" in South Windsor, Its very cozy this time of the year as they have a large fire place at the end of the main dining room. We had a family christmas get together in Dec. and It was quite nice. the food was excelent and the service was very good. ( Take a look and you can judge for your self,

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            1. re: Earle

              I always forget about Mill on the River. Sometimes I forget that South Windsor really isn't that far.
              Thanks for all the recs. We decided on Abigail's in Simsbury. I'll let you know how it goes!