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Visit to Mid Cape

grownup55 Feb 5, 2010 01:59 PM

About 10 of us are visiting Dennisport,

A few suggestions would be most appreciated

1) The best choice for breakfast
2) The best informal place for lobster and clam chowder
3) Best choice for fine dining mid cape
4) A great informal place with great food.

Much thanks to all

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  1. foleyd7 RE: grownup55 Feb 5, 2010 03:10 PM

    My favorite breakfast spot is the Red Cottage in Dennis, but get there before 8 am or you have a wait. I like the pancakes there as well as their special red cottage homefries. It is on a cut through street between 6a and 28.
    For fine dining I love the Red Pheasant, also in Dennis on the 6a side. Very good wine list, too. http://www.redpheasantinn.com/
    While not fine dining, we did find a good, tiny little place Bistro place that is VERY WELL hidden and off the beaten path called Peddler's Bistro (Brewster, 6a side); tihs might satisfy your "informal" place requirement. http://www.peddlersrestaurant.com/
    As for lobster, I'm not a huge fan (as I think it carries a premium on restaurant menu's that isn't warranted) so others will have to weigh in for you on that.
    Good luck, and report back.

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      phelana RE: foleyd7 Feb 5, 2010 04:00 PM

      I love these posts. First off be warned, Peddler's owner is like the restaurant N^%*. Such potential but she is horrid. Red Pheasant is a great idea. Would love to hear how the bistro menu is? They are closed for a few more days.

      About 10 of us are visiting Dennisport,

      A few suggestions would be most appreciated

      1) The best choice for breakfast

      Can't help you as I am a breakfast snob and only like the Black Dog in the Vineyard

      2) The best informal place for lobster and clam chowder

      What time of year? Sesuit in season ....

      3) Best choice for fine dining mid cape

      Ocean House or Lyric

      4) A great informal place with great food.

      Island Merchant in Hyannis

      1. re: foleyd7
        foleyd7 RE: foleyd7 Feb 6, 2010 06:48 AM

        Note: based on the size of your party (10) the Peddler's recomendation might be difficult as it is a VERY small place.
        And I'll 2nd the Keltic Kitchen rec below, as that is where I always go for omlettes (which are HUGE) and can easily be shared.

        Phelana and CCC: What's the latest on the Eclectic Cafe in Hyannis. I heard it reopened last year but I never made it there. Is it still open? Is it as good as in the past? This could be a solid "casual" location for 55 to hit.

        1. re: foleyd7
          CapeCodGuy RE: foleyd7 Feb 6, 2010 07:48 AM

          Eclectic is seasonal, so it won't reopen until April/May. While I enjoyed it immensely on my first visit, the second visit not so much. It may have just been a case of my ordering, so I'll give it another shot at some point. I like the vibe and the service was quite good. It's not the same owner as before, so it's Eclectic in name only.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy
            phelana RE: CapeCodGuy Feb 6, 2010 11:57 AM

            Foley, I worked there in 99 I think..fabulous. Have not been back. Jillian loved it.

      2. CapeCodGuy RE: grownup55 Feb 5, 2010 07:44 PM

        Good Recs so far. Here are mine, all relatively close to Dport.

        1) Keltic Kitchen on Rte 28 in So. Yarmouth is decent for b'fast. (Red Cottage, btw is on Old Bass River Road, in So. Dennis.

        2) Lobster & Chowder - tough to rec an off-season place, maybe Riverway on 28 just over the Bass River bridge. But I agree with foleyd about lobsters, it's far cheaper and quite easy to cook them at home. http://riverwaylobsterhouserestaurant...

        3) Fine Dining - Ocean House would be my choice. http://www.oceanhouserestaurant.com/

        4) Casual with good food: The Oyster Co. on 28 in Dport, or for decent pub grub, Rte 28 in Harwichport has Jake Rooneys. http://theoystercompany.com/ http://www.jakerooneys.com/

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          jillian RE: CapeCodGuy Feb 9, 2010 04:45 PM

          I ate bfast at the Red Cottage last week. No wait this time of year (tho it was a Thursday) and the selection is terrific. I enjoyed my chevre and chive scramble with the special Cottage fries. Ocean House definitely for fine dining. CCG, would you recommend Seaside Pub for casual? I haven't made it there yet but your reviews have been good.

          1. re: jillian
            CapeCodGuy RE: jillian Feb 12, 2010 05:19 AM

            I've really enjoyed the Seaside Pub, but oftentimes I'm the only diner in the place! I hope they make it, and I've yet to be disappointed although I honestly haven't had a repeat of the burger nirvana I experienced my first visit. Not sure I'd recommend it as the OP is staying in Dennisport. Jake Rooneys is a decent casual spot and Harwichport is a far easier ride,

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