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Feb 5, 2010 11:57 AM

Miguels - Baltimore - Silo Point

After being turned away from Sullivan's which closed at 1:00 this afternoon (Friday 2/5/2010 pre-storm-of-the-century) when there was a not a speck of snow that had stuck to the ground yet, we made our way over to Miguels' in Silo Point. We had a tasty lunch with nice sized portions, great spice and yummy drinks. I didn't realize it has only been open about 3 weeks? Beautiful space - a bit on the loud side, but I thought this might be good for next time we go when we might have our 20 mo. old.

I had the an order of scrumptious taquitos - there were four of them - Hongos Roasted mushrooms, cactus, epazote, asadero cheese w/ tomatillo sauce for $5.00. An amazing bargain. If I had known there were going to be four, I might not have also gotten a quesadilla, but I did. The Oaxaca Huitlacoche, corn, mushroom and asadero cheese ones. Also only $5.00. Nice earthy mushroom flavor.

The fellow had some brisket tacos - 3 in each order and an order of beef and pork empanada's with a mole sauce that he practically licked off the plate.

The sangria was more juicy than liquor-y, but I like it this way. He had a special margarita with jalapeno - should have asked the price - it was $8.50 - cheaper than some places in town, but a bit more than we like to pay.

We had a cinnamon cake dessert thing that wasn't overly sweet, which was perfect. It came with sipping chocolate, had chocolate frosting and there was some sort of cinnamon custard on the side.

I would love to see this place do well, but it's not easy to find. Check out the website for directions - It is on the first floor of the big Silo Point complex. We entered in the main drive, but had to drive around to the back.

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  1. It sounds really good! I'm surprised it's not pricier, being in silo point. Thanks for posting!

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      Never heard of this place. Menu looks good.

    2. We just had dinner there for the first time. The portions are generous and I think they're a good value for dinner as well. Very attentive servers and very good Mexican food with a menu that's more inventive than other area restaurant--for instance, the swiss chard side was unexpectedly a favorite (especially since we'd never had chard before!)

      It's nice to see something other than a pub in Locust Point (not that I don't love good wings/burgers). I think it will be a big hit too once we thaw out and they can open up outdoor seating.

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        My wife, mother, and I ate brunch at Miguels yesterday. Overall we were impressed.

        The ambiance is unique, combining industrial baltimore on the outside with a very modern interior. The ceilings must be at least 20 ft high, giving the place a very airy feel. This would be a good place to host a party.

        The service is also above par; everything was brought out promptly, and the servers were friendly and knowledgeable. Furthermore, they did not hover around our table, which made for an enjoyable dining experience.

        The food is great -- we all had some sort of egg dish with a hot sauce. What was impressive is that all three dishes were distinctly flavored (with different sauces) and all were good. The prices were also quite low given the quality and quantity of food.

        I hope that this restaurant will stay in business; it is a located in a hard-to-find location and I think that only south baltimore residents will be able to enjoy the place.

        1. re: fedhillfc

          Glad you enjoyed Miguels -- I've been there a few times now and second your enthusiasm.

          A comment though about the location: although it's in the industrial-turned-residential part of Locust Point, it's pretty easy access off 95 just south of the tunnel, especially if you learn the short-cut via Andre Street. For suburbanites like myself, I frequent Locust Point establishments (including the Wine Market and Pazza Luna) more readily since I don't have to negotiate I-395, downtown Baltimore, and the denser neighborhoods like Fells Point and Canton.

      2. Thanks for posting about Miguel's! my husband and I were in the neighborhood and stopped in last night. It reminded me of Jose Garces' Distrito in Philadelphia--lots of small plates beautifully presented. My husband regretted they were out of grasshopper tostaditas. My favorites were the hongos but squash blossom....empanadas, I think? were also quite good--and he loved the mole! Super nice staff and nice space. Husband later said this place is owned by the Blue Agave folks....we'll go back.