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Feb 5, 2010 11:52 AM

Leinekugel's (Wisconsin beer) beer sold in New York city retail or grocery stores?


I am a Wisconsin girl who now lives in NYC. I love Wisconsin beer, especially Leinenkugel's and am on a search to find it here in New York. I have seen 'Sunset Wheat' and 'Berry Weiss' around a few Manhattan grocery stores, but I am looking for 'Honey Weiss' and Leinenkugel's Classic or Red.

I am on a quest to find this great Wisconsin beer and introduce my non-Midwestern friends to it. If anyone knows where I can purchase it in NY, I'd be forever grateful! :O)


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  1. Check out the Whole Foods on Bowery and Houston. They have an enormous selection of beers.

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      If they don't have it, they're happy to order some for any store; I've actually done this with Leinenkugel specifically.

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        They sometimes have the Leinies seasonal beers, but I've never seen good old, basic Leinies.

      2. i just saw them at the food emporium on 15th street

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          The Food Emporium in Murray Hill also carries them, incl. the Sunset Wheat