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Feb 5, 2010 11:40 AM

Vermont Cheese Trail - where to stop?

We are driving from Stamford to Burlington next Saturday, coming back on Monday. We were wondering what are the best places to stop at in Vermont for cheese tasting. Looking at the cheese trail and our route, we ideally want places that are close to 91 (from CT to White River Junction) and close to 89 (from White River Junction to Burlington).

Which producers are considered the more famous ones? Which ones would you recommend for a great tour and tasting? Bonus points if they are also reasonably priced. Also not sure if most of these places would be open given that it's winter. Thanks!

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  1. While you wait for answers, check out this thread for some ideas:

    1. I set out a cheese tour with some friends this summer and we were surprised to find several were closed on a Saturday. We did make it to one that was open, by appointment, and was lovely - Fat Toad Farm in Brookfield. They make goat cheese and delicious goat's milk caramel. Wherever you wish to go, be sure to call ahead and confirm that they are open.

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        I second calling ahead as well. Although I haven't come across one in the summer that was closed on weekends, in winter, goats do not produce milk so you might find the goat-milk-based cheese farms are closed.

        I have so many favorites, but one that's close enough to me and also delicious is the Vermont Sheperd (sheep's milk cheese). When you shop the farm stand they usually have a French cherry preserve that pairs amazingly well with their cheese. Amazing combo!

        Also, if you do a search on Vermont Cheese Makers you'll find one very lengthy discussion about Vermont cheese makers and who loves what...

      2. For a great experience *off the beaten path* try Sugarbush Farms.
        Small but wonderful, no "canned" tour, just some local people with great products. We live up here and this is our favorite.

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