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Feb 5, 2010 11:10 AM

Are there Restaurant Week themes?

This time around, we noticed that almost all of the restaurants we chose were serving some sort of terrine as an appetizer.

Maybe terrines are just incredibly popular right now, but I'm wondering if there's something else going on that I don't know about.

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  1. I think it's called economy -- a relatively inexpensive appetizer!

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    1. re: City Kid

      Ah-ha! Well, I hope the economy stays terrible, then, because I'm loving it.

      1. re: plumpdumpling

        me too!! I love terrines! LOL. yum!

    2. what, do you expect foie gras for restaurant week?

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      1. re: MBShapiro

        Oh, I wasn't complaining. I had actually been a little bit squeamish about terrines until I tried one this Restaurant Week, and I'm glad I did.

      2. Restaurants participating in Restaurant Week are VERY busy, and terrines can be prepared ahead of time and plated fairly quickly and easily. I don't think it's about value, I think it's to help ease the pressure on the kitchen.

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        1. re: picklesister

          That's a good explanation, too. It probably explains why there are so many ice creams and sorbets on Restaurant Week menus, too. I just can't remember having seen so many terrines before; or any at all, really.

        2. yeah, they could easily rename "Restaurant Week" as "The New York Salmon Festival."

          1. trends this RW? Definitely.

            Salmon. Chicken. Seafood chowder. Terrines. Farro risotto. I hit 4 restaurants this time so far, and felt like I saw the menu already each time. LOL.

            VERY unoriginal. I was disappointed this year. I usually hit up 4-5 joints each RW and never saw such repitition like this.