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Feb 5, 2010 10:47 AM

Bistro Provence - going tonight. Any recent visits?

We're joining some friends there tonight - they've already made 6:30 reservations, so we're in for it come hell or high water. All of the in-depth commentary I've found is either ancient or on the sites I'm leery of, and according to their own website it appears they offer only prix fixe dinners, not expensive really but a tad stiff for us these days. If we must we must, though, and any recommendations will be deeply appreciated

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  1. Oh, you'll get no such help from us, Will Owen, you are in this, as you said. I haven't been here in years myself, and am glad it's you and not me in this pickle.

    Looking forward to your report!

    1. You know, I find it salty but not overwhelmingly so. They tend to slightly overcook seafood, so either order it "rare" or skip it. I didn't think the value was bad, though it's been 18 months or so since I've been.

      1. Went there for lunch and dinner last fall. For the main entree, I enjoyed the roast chicken and the Beef Bourguignon.

        1. was there around april/may of last year and enjoyed the gnocchi (first course but was quite large) and the bouillabaise. the roasted chicken was a bit dry and boring... served w/ fries & no veggies so it was all kind of... beige.

          1. My company took me here recently for my five year anniversary. We went for lunch. I ordered the salmon, which was perfectly cooked with sauteed spinich and potato puree. Mine dish was not oversalted, and came with a nice acidic white wine was nice because the salmon and the potatoes were a bit rich. My friend had the halibut "en papilote" (sp?), and thought it was good...healthy tasting, but good. Our two bosses had soup and salad. Dessert, however, didn't impress me all that much. The creme brulee was more light than rich and custardy...though the sugar brulee part was nice. The tart tatin was also okay...didn't really wow me. Hope this helps.