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Feb 5, 2010 10:39 AM

Pacific Mall - Recs for Mall Snacks + Nearby Resto for Dins

I've never been to Pacific Mall. By the end of this week-end, I hope I won't be able to say that anymore.

So my questions are...if we head up there late afternoon, any yummy snack recs that won't kill our dinner appetite? Also, once we're up there - and we've never tried any of the Chinese restaurants up that way - where should we go for dins and what should we order? Anywhere within a 10 minute radius is okay. Unfortunately, there are only 2 of us so we won't be able to try that many dishes (though extra food + doggie bags are just fine). Lobster 4-ways at Omei (can you do it with 2 people)? Casa Victoria? Casa Imperial? It needn't be fancy, though we'd like to sit for 90 minutes or so since it is "date night" after all. Thanks!

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  1. I don't even remember what it's called, but in the central mall in the food court is a place that is the only place I can find that serves the fresh noodles that come from Xinjiang. I lived on them when I was in China. They'll make the noodles fresh and make you a soup with eggs and tomatoes (vegetarian) that is to die for. Mmmm....

    1. Go upstairs to the food court. There will be two places that sell Egg Waffles. I just got them not more than an hour ago and thought they were pretty good, (though lacking some chew). If you face the super-asian entry way to the food court, go along the left aisle and you'll hit a candy store with the waffle-making fronting that aisle. The other one is if you go through the centre, it should be on your right hand side, after you cross the "bridge"

      You may wish to get one from each and compare!!

      Looks like this (it's not a great photo):

      1. I like the Great Kan Mongolian grill on the north side of the parking lot behind Pacific Mall.

        You get to make up your own meals of raw food and then watch as they cook it in front of you.

        1. For snacks, there's a place around stall A65 NE corner of mall (I forget the name, but I found the stall# on their site), which has the best durian ice cream shake bubble drink.

          I also go across the Market Village, next to the soya bean shop, there's a few ladies working feverishly behind a glass wall making sweet crisp waffle rolls. I prefer the flatter ones, which as a bit of coconut in it as well. Very addictive. Don't give them small change though, they'll curse you like they did me.

          For restos, you can try the following

          Spicy/Sichuan - Ba Shu Ren Jia south of Pacific Mall across the street on Steeles, or Szechuan Legend on Midland, just north of Finch

          Shanghai - Hi Shanghai at the new mall south of Pacific Mall

          Cantonese - Maple Yip further south at Sheppard and Midland

          1. Thank you for all of the recs - everything sounds yummy. If we can avoid stuffing ourselevs with mall snacks, we will try and venture out to one of the restaurants. I'm feeling up for some good Cantonese - any particular dishes you'd recommend at Maple Yip, royaljelly (or anyone else)?

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              My wife usually does the ordering at Maple Yip (as I can't read Chinese), but we usually get the bird's nest w/ shrimp, sweet n sour pork, maybe a steamed fish, a fried chicken and some whatever's fresh stir fried veggies. They have free soup and dessert too.

              It's not exactly a "date" type of resto, so you might want to go out with w/ your sweetie for some proper Chinese dessert nearby. Others might have better suggests for that, as I'm out of the loop for that kind of stuff now. I recall one of those cool-looking tea house style places that's popular w/ the younger kids on Silverstar Blvd, right next to the No Frills.

              1. re: Royaljelly

                That tea house is probably Destiny Tea House (which has ... not the best reputation). For dessert houses, one I remember is in the plaza at Finch and McCowan (Double Ming Chinese Dessert?) Not sure.

                However, if you're not used to ordering Chinese desserts (or like them in general), this might be better visited with someone who can guide you.

              2. re: peppermint pate

                very close to pmall is midland ave where there is an even greater choice of chinese restaurants. Personally I prefer the restaurants on midland to the ones right around pmall (with the exception of Ba Shu Ren Jia...I love that place).

                I've been disappointed with the Fantasy Eatery there but when I think about it, its still pretty good. Lively place. Keung's Delight looks to be a nicer and more modern atmosphere. I haven't been there but I think its the same as the one at Warden&Steeles which I like, pretty consistent cantonese.

                Oh yeah at the food court jlunar talked about (the one hidden inside not the one out in the open), there is a place selling xinjiang bbq lamb and other meat skewers. I never tried them but generally I like those foods.