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Feb 5, 2010 10:38 AM

Choice between Clancy's (Glendale), Damon's Steak House (Glendale) and Hookd-on-fish (Encino)

I'm looking for a comfortable restaurant (within 15 miles of Shermn Oaks, Studio City, or Encino) that specializes in fresh fish (not shell fish), rather than a menu centered on meat or pasta with one or two fish choices. This is a birthday dinner. There doesn't seem to be any such restaurant around where I can have a dinner for four at a cost not to exceed $150.00. If I'm restricted to those three restaurants above, can anybody tell me which they prefer....and why? Two of the above, I've been to, but I know nothing about Hookdonfish, excerpt that their prices seem to be much too cheap for them to be able to serve great fish. Anything you can tell me will be deeply appreciated. Thanks, Jeff

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  1. If Calabasas isn't too far (about 15 minute drive fr: Encino), how about King's Fish HOuse? Seems to fit the bill & come close to your budget. Very fresh fish, comfortable, entree prices around $20-22 (w/ dinner salads a reasonable $4 more). Cocktails range between 7--9 I think. (Check out menu: ). So, about 30 a person, more if you add coffee & dessert, but 1 or 2 desserts for the table should suffice. I think it should come in right around 150 before tax and tip, perhaps a little less depending on what's ordered.

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      Thank you, Archer. I will certainly check it out. Sounds pretty close to what I'm looking for. Jeff

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        Jeff, I think King’s Fish House is an excellent suggestion. I’ve been very pleased with virtually all of my meals at the Orange location. At least I know and feel that I’m in good company. After all, King’s Seafood Company owns the Water Grill, arguably LA’s finest seafood restaurant. They also own 555, I. Cugini and Ocean Avenue Seafood. King’s believes in high quality, fresh fish and they know what to do with it. Importantly, they can meet your price point if someone doesn’t go overboard, shall we say. Check it out at:

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          I agree with King's Fish House. Been there once (Rancho Cucamonga location) and really liked it. Clam chowder was good, and their oyster selection was great. My friend had the swordfish pasta, and loved it. We were stuffed and happy.

        2. Strictly speaking, Santa Monica is just about 15 miles from Encino & Sherman Oaks, and that's where you'll find this place.

          I've never been. It's fairly new, but it has gotten some positive press. Might be your best bet.

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            Thank you, Jack. I'll certainly check it out. Jeff

          2. I've eaten lunch at Clancy's numerous times - usually had one of their salads. The other night went there for dinner with a friend - Lobster Tail was the special at $25.95. It arrived at an adjacent table (the tail I'm having for dinner tonight at home is bigger than theirs was). The Coconut Shrimp looked appetizing - but, shrimp can be awfully dry and tough if cooked too long.

            My friend had the Halibut at $27.95, it was a flat thin piece; overcooked. I had the Cioppino - ugh !

            I'll never eat dinner there again.

            1. The fish at HookdOnFish is very fresh and very good. Im not just saying that cause my sister and brother in-law own and run it. Go to their website and you can see a few pictures of their menu items

              Enjoy :)