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Feb 5, 2010 10:27 AM

Breakfast in Newport

We are staying at the Hyatt next weekend and are looking for a good breakfast spot. We normally stay at a B&B while in town but got a killer deal on Priceline but are not really bug fans of hotel breakfast unless it is stellar.

We will be walking (or taking the shuttle) unless there is something that incredible that we should drive for.


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  1. Best breakfast is in Middletown - Atlantic Grill - it can get crowded and isn't cheap - but it's really good. Walking distance from the Hyatt is the Corner Cafe on Broadway - also yummy. Great diners - Handy Lunch on lower Thames and Franklin Spa on Spring Street.

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      atlantic grill or Franklin spa. Handy lunch is overated

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        Is corner cafe th place with excellent portugese toast?? If so I highly recommend it.

        1. re: askeenan

          I second Handy Lunch on Thames and usually eat there. I never ate at the Corner Cafe but heard it's good. I've eaten at Little Richards ( I think that's the name) further down on Thames near the arcade and thought it was okay but pricey. All these places get BUSY on a Summer weekend morning and alot of times we're walking around and can't get in most of them and had to settle for buying something quick like a bagel and coffee at any number of coffee joints... I've eaten at some breakfast place near the Tennis Hall Of Fame but it was nothing major. You shouldn't have any problem at this time of year.

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            Aside from the places mentioned (Gary's, Corner Cafe, Franklin Spa, Atlantic Grill) A couple of off the beaten path places:

            Diego's is a cute little Mexican themed place. Just a short walk from where the Hyatt Shuttle drops you off.

            Also Aloha Cafe...not anything fancy, but a real locals hangout (sailors, boat workers, etc) and cheap. Also near where the shuttle lets you off.

            Hungry Monkey (Across the street from Corner Cafe but usually less crowded. (Same side of Broadway, after the Police Station

            If you're looking for a Sunday, The Atlantic Beach Club has a good brunch for $14.95 and views of First Beach.

            the only place I would not reccommend is Occean Breeze Cafe. Their muffins are good, but their breakfast is overpriced for hit or miss food/service IMO.