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Feb 5, 2010 10:12 AM

Savannah in February with a 7 month old

I have read the board on things to do in Savannah and noticed most posts are things in the historic area. We are spending a few days for a work conference at the Savannah Westin followed by a couple of days near Forsythe Park at a B&B.

On the to do/eat list are The Lady and Sons, Mrs Wilkes, The Pirate House, and Sweet Potatoes.

Since we will be staying across the river for part of the time is there anything on that side to make the effort to go to?


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  1. The Westin is on Hutchinson Island, and the Westin, the Savannah Trade and Convention Center, an office building, and a golf course are located over there. It will become more developed over time, but that's pretty much it at this time. On the south side of the river from the Westin is River Street, which has shops, bars, and restaurants galore, There are river taxis that take folks back and forth.

    Hope y'all have a good time while you're here.

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    1. re: Buddha49

      Great! I will be sure to make use of the ferry.

      1. re: bubblet4me

        Are you sure about your selection of the Pirates House? Unless something has changed in the last couple of years, it has not been held in high regard for over 30 years. That said, it may be one of the best managed restaurants in the world, because they have managed to keep the doors open with pretty mediocre food for a very long time while many others have come and gone

        1. re: sarge

          Yeah, but the kids will like it. I used to think Pirate's House and Morrison's were the best restaurants in the world. I was ordering off the kids menu at the time, but back in the day, it was quite the treat for birthdays, etc.

          Oops. Never mind, just saw you were talking about a 7 MONTH old, not 7 years. Ditto Sarge's comment.