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Feb 5, 2010 10:12 AM

Where is the best place to buy cheese in Mississauga?

Help me! I am looking for a good cheese shop in Mississauga or west Toronto or even Oakville. I am familiar with the Cheese Boutique and it certainly has many fine items for sale, but was hoping for something a little closer to home?

Any recommendations gratefully accepted.

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  1. There's a cute little local one, Goat Inc., at Lakeshore & Clarkson Rd. Cheap, no; but friendly and knowledgeable, very.

    1. Depends on what you're after. For garden variety stuff--and especially Reggiano--Costco is hard to beat. What types interest you?

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      1. re: Kagemusha

        Thanks for the replies so far. I have been to Goat, but did not find what I am looking for. I am particularly interested in aged Gouda right now (Beemster XO if possible) which is not easy to locate. I have looked around and found very few options!
        Definitely Costco is great for some items (like the Parm) but not for the type only found in cheese shops.

        1. re: donelikedinner

          There is a place I like that has some unique and different cheese (along with some standards) for a good price in west Etobicoke. It's located near Hwy 427 & Sherway Gardens
          The Cheese Outlet- 100 East Mall -- fyi not open on Sundays

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            You might check Costco again. Longo's and Highland Farms are also worth a look. Costco has expanded their offerings which do vary among the warehouses(Etobicoke may have the biggest range). I'm just not willing to pay extortionate cheese shop prices for the same items.

          2. re: Kagemusha

            I wouldn't say that all the cheeses available at Costco are "garden variety", as you put it... They often have such cheeses as cave-aged Comté and real Italian buffalo mozzarella, always at better prices than anywhere else. Unless I'm looking for an unusual or specific cheese, my first stop is always Costco. Their selection is pretty damn great, and, as I said, their prices can't be beat.

          3. I bet Goat Inc would if you wanted to bring it in.. he is so helpful. He was my main cheese man for ages, but had to cut back on the cheese as i was starting to look like a wheel.
            Try emailing this place. they seem to carry it but not sure if wholesale or retail.

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            1. re: MiniMom

              Thanks guys. I will check out the Cheese Outlet and the Etobicoke Costco. And, I will ask the proprietor of Goat as well.

              Did not consider Longos or Highland Farms and will give them a look.

              Finica is the wholesale distributor (I checked, believe me!).

            2. how about starskys the seem to have a decent cheese counter, havent seen anything thats like the cheese shops in kensington market though..

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              1. re: youdonut

                Second Starsky's. They have a ton of stuff (and samples, too!)
                Don't go if you only have a few minutes, though. It's one of those stores that you could literally spend HOURS in just browsing the shelves and counters. So, so much fun.

                1. re: Whats_For_Dinner

                  I was very impressed by Starsky's after a recent visit there. Their deli meat selection has to be one of the best in the city, and, while they certainly don't have the widest selection of cheeses in the city, it is nonetheless quite excellent - I was very pleased to find that they had several different types of Raclette, which is exactly what I was looking for. I tried both the Swiss and the French, and both were excellent! For Eastern European and European cheeses of the pasteurized-milk variety, it's a place worth checking out, for sure. Just don't expect to find any unusual raw milk cheeses there.

              2. If you are willing to go to Oakville Whole Foods has a good selection of cheese, again not cheap. Also in Etobicoke is Pasquale Bros Foods and they have a great selection of cheese and other gourmet products.

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                1. re: morty999

                  While I like Pasquale Bros., and every product I've tried from there has been excellent, it must be said that, while the cheeses they carry are certainly high quality, they have a very limited selection. They seem to focus on Ontario and Quebec goat's milk cheeses, and high quality Italian cheeses. It wouldn't be my first stop, unless I knew they had the exact product I was looking for.