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Feb 5, 2010 09:28 AM

Chipotle in adobo(freezing)

Can you freeze chipotle in adobo sauce? When I need some in a recipe it usually calls for just one. I then put the can in my fridge where I end up throwing them out after a few weeks. Thanks.

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  1. I freeze them all the time. Just chop them up (or leave whole) and freeze inside an ice cube tray, once frozen, pop them out and store in a freezer bag.

    1. I just pour the extra in the can into a ziplock and freeze it. I can chip off what I need or soften first and still refreeze.

      1. I just dump what's left of the can into a freezer baggie. It is easy to either break off what you need or sometimes I use my microplane and grate off a pile. The little grated flecks make for good distibution if I am putting it in a sauce like mac & cheese or something.

        1. I just save the remainder in a clean jar in the fridge and it keeps for months, possibly years.

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            I got mold on some not that long ago, now I freeze. But it sort of separates, so I like the idea of chopping before freezing.

          2. Throw remainder in the food processor and puree, then put into ice cube tray and freeze, wrap cubes in individual plastic wrap and put into freezer bags.