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Speculaas Butter?

Featured on a "Throwdown" with the "Dinges" Waffle Truck in NYC. The owner describes it as speculaas cookie spread...and it looked to have the consistency of peanut butter. It looks like a fun change from the average toppings or maybe swirled in hot cereal - particularly when it's so cold...and I loooved speculaas growing up(babysitter was from Holland...havent been able to duplicate her recipe/find a commercial version that measures up either)

So hounds, anyone have a recipe or some insight?? Thanks all :)

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  1. I have a jar of this in my cupboard. I used it to make cinnamon blondies at Christmastime, and since then I've just been spreading it on toast.

    Are you looking for a recipe to make the spread yourself? The ingredients in this commercial version (Lotus brand) are apparently just crushed up cookies, plus more oil and sugar:
    Speculoos 57 % (farine de froment, sucre, huile et graisse végétales, farine de soja, sirop de sucre candi, poudre à lever (carbonate acide de sodium), sel, cannelle), huile de colza, sucre, émulsifiant (lécithine de soja), acide alimentaire (acide citrique). Contient : blé, soja.

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      I dunno that I've ever seen Lotus brand anything out here but I'll have a look... Yes I'm thinking i want to try making this myself...and if it goes well it might make for an interesting Christmas gift for next year...like homemade nutella :)

      Thank you for the ingredient list , that definitely helps - I was a bit puzzled at first as "farine de froment" is less common than "farine de blé" here. It looks like its crushed speculaas plus oil, sugar and probably citric acid to make it shelf stable.

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        For anyone who's interested, it looks like you can buy the Lotus/Biscoff spread here:

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          Thanks but I think I need to either DIY or find a local source since the site you suggested charges Canadian customers $21 to ship an order between $0-$26. That's math that doesn't work for me.

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            I seem to think someone posted that Loblaw's carries it in Canada.

    2. Here is a recipe I found for speculaas spread.


      its a vegan websight so im not sure if its diffrent or not from the regular recipie but im dying to try this myself after watching bobby!

      all you need to do is make the cookies and there are plenty of recipies

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        Thanks bluepep12!

        Bookmarked it...although I may sub out coconut fat since it's kinda hard to get here and rather high in saturates iirc.

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          You can get coconut oil in Canada at any natural supplements store... like the kind you find in the mall. But true enough about the saturated fat...

      2. http://seitanismymotor.com/2008/12/10...
        I have made this spread several times and my son is completed addicted.

        1. You've inspired me to try and make a speculaas "butter" now :) Instead of crushed cookies, using equal parts butter and honey, and then adding speculaas spices to it such as 3 parts cinnamon, 1 part ground cloves and 1 part nutmeg. Maybe a pinch of cardimon and some mace...would be nice on toast... Hmmm...

          1. Since Trader Joe's now sells a spekulaas butter clone they call Speculoos Cookie Butter, this ingredient is now more readily available to many Americans, which opens up the creative possibilities.

            Yesterday I made a small batch of something inspired by the Oreo truffle concept. When I originally mulled it over, when drifting off to sleep the night before, maple syrup was in the mix but I forgot that, and used some fig jam instead. The other players were graham crackers, reduced-fat cream cheese, and of course the cookie butter. It has plenty of fat, so full-at cream cheese was not necessary. The coating is TJ's white chocolate chips, melted, and thinned a bit with evaporated milk. I kept them in the freezer overnight and found that they are still easy to bite into, so I will keep them frozen. Next time I will try omitting the cream cheese entirely, with the cookie butter standing in. I think that almond meal, cookie butter, and your choice of dried fruit would be a good filling for white chocolate truffles.

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