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Feb 5, 2010 09:16 AM

Where can I find fresh pork belly in the North Bay?

I would love to make David Chang's pork buns and am looking for a good source of pork belly. I've already tried Whole Foods, but they only have frozen pork belly, and usually that's only on special request. Anyone have a great butcher in the North Bay, preferably Marin or Sonoma, that sells pork belly?

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  1. G&G in Petaluma and Santa Rose carries pork belly, as does Ranch 99 in the Richmond (if you don't mind driving over the Ricmond San Rafael bridge).

    Also just found this market in Petaluma when I was googling for G&G - haven't checked it out yet myself.

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    1. re: Cindy

      Awesome! I live in Petaluma and I had no idea G&G existed! Thanks so much!

      1. re: northbayfoodie

        It's an interesting place - a good compromise when you can't get to Oakland or SF Chinatown, but have to have certain items. Kinda like what would happen if "Whole Foods" and "Ranch 99" had a baby, I guess.

    2. I usually pick mine up at the Marin Civic Center's Farmer's Market on Thursdays from Prather Ranch. Perhaps you can call them to make sure that they'll have enough for your recipe. It had just a nice balance of fat and meat. Really wonderful cut and perfect for Roasting.