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Feb 5, 2010 09:05 AM

Waterfront restaurant

My fiancé and I live in Milmont park pa (Delaware county, pa) and are currently planning our weeding. We are having the reception on Columbus blvd in Philadelphia and the ceremony in Milmont Park. We are trying to keep with the theme of the reception and find a restaurant on the water for our rehearsal dinner. I am looking for some feedback on local waterfront restaurants. Thanks in advance for your input.

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  1. Wow - a rehersal for your weeding! I knew gardeners got excited about getting their seed catalogs in January, but had no idea people started planning to weed in February! Sorry, you just made me laugh so hard I cried while thinking that through!
    Anyway, How many people will be at the rehersal? There is the Moshulu (sorry, sure I botched the spelling) and you might be able to get the top deck reserved so you'd be outside. And there is the waterworks behind the Art Museum, Neither has over the top food, but both are ok to good. Not sure there are many other options!
    Happy weeding!

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      There's also La Veranda, which has pretty good food but also fairly expensive. Haven't eaten there in a while. I would also recommend the Mosholu.

    2. Don't worry about the "weeding". I suffer from fat finger-itis when I type too.

      La Veranda is very good, and also has private spaces available. I think that anything in that area is going to by pricey. Moshulu is a lot of atmoshere, but I don't know about the food. What about the Chart House? Others in the area are Octo Waterfront Grill (formerly Rock Lobster) and Keatings River Grill.