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Feb 5, 2010 08:45 AM

San Antonio Riverwalk dining

Any rec's for the SA riverwalk dining? Something slightly kid friendly, not a chain, and/or other great restaurants not to miss while in SA for a weekend?

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    Here's a lonk to the SAriverwalk website. on the food link.

    kind look through and see whats there. there is also links to attactions on the Riverwalk and surronding area.

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    1. re: SAguy

      Okay - we are now traveling sans the kids! Yeah! So, if you have a choice of the best restaurant on the riverwalk - which would you chose?

      1. re: 1967MCE

        Budros. I recall great guacamole, drinks and a wonderful steak. I always enjoy this place.

        I haven't tried every place on the Riverwalk but have tried many of them as this is a common "getaway" spot for us. Other than Budro's, I would say that the others are unremarkable. There are a couple of more upscale places that I've yet to try.

        We park at the hotel on Friday evening and travel on foot or trolley for the weekend. If you have time, hop on the trolley to the Mercado and spend the afternoon seeing the market, then stop by La Margarita for a Michelada at Happy Hour... many people prefer Mi Tierra, though, right across the street.

        Also, stop by the Menger for a drink at the bar where Ted Roosevelt and the Rough Riders first got together. The hotel is on the National Register of Historic Places and it is quite unique.

        1. re: Rene

          Want to add that I love those chilied peanuts they serve in the Menger's bar. A great spot for a cool drink or two.

        2. re: 1967MCE

          Best on the Riverwalk are: Budro's, Acenar, Pesca, Las Canarias, Paesano's, Fig Tree, Biga on the Banks.

          1. re: bronwen

            We went to Boudro's for an anniversary lunch. Eh, it was ok. The Guac was way over priced, the rib eye sandwich was ok, but nothing exciting.... I don't even remember what my wife had.

            I am sure I need to give it another try, but I wasn't impressed the first time.

            Schilo's is good. Corned beef, pea soup and root beer.

            1. re: bronwen

              this Bostonian went to Acenar with family and I was floored by the overall ambiance and excellence of the food. great place to meet, eat and drink on the riverwalk, though sitting outdoors on the patio for beer and apps at Waxy O'Connors wasn't too shabby either..... not that the food was that great, it was the overall beauty of the evening and the cold beer !

        3. Slightly kid friendly, small chain, 30 restaurants, is Texas Land and Cattle. Steaks can be really good at about hlf the price of the big boys. Try the brownie for desert and share. Waxy Coonnors is surprisingly good, and the bar is imported from Ireland. I wouldn't have a problem bringing kids here for lunch. Boudro's is one of the best restaurants on the river, agin, more kid friendly at lunch. Avoid Casa Rio, Joe's, and Landry's.

          1. Don't know if you're going to have time but, if you do, I'd strongly suggest the half-hour to 45-minute (depending upon where in SA you are) drive east on I10 to Luling and City Market for some of the best barbecue on the planet.

            Also an interesting voyage into real Texacana.