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Feb 5, 2010 08:43 AM

Dinahs or Original House of Pancakes?

Who has better pancakes? I've been to OHOP back in FL...enjoy the 49'ers and dutch baby.

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  1. For me The Original House of Pancakes wins by a lot. Their omelets are wonderful too.

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    1. re: wienermobile

      I agree---Original House of Pancakes

      It's not even close.

    2. I always thought it was the Original Pancake House... No matter. Whatever the name, their pancakes are far superior to Dinah's

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      1. re: pinpei

        Right you are.

        Original Pancake House
        1756 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

      2. Original Pancake House of course! They had bacon Pancakes long before bacon became "cool".

        1. imho, dinah's serves only two types of pancakes that are excellent:
          the baked german pancake and the baked apple pancake.

          i can't speak to OHOP having never been.

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          1. re: westsidegal

            ditto those german pancakes. Really nice. I also like the Ihop for their blintzes. I like the huge apple pancake at Dinah's but for me that's more like desert. On the subject of pancakes, any recommendations for those thin Swedish pancakes?

            1. re: Baron

              Authentic lacy Swedish pancakes are at The Original Pancake House. Served with lingonberries from Sweden and whipped butter.

          2. Hmmm...I've only been to the Original Pancake House down my way in Laguna Niguel. I'd wanted to try it for years, and finally my bicycle club went there one morning. I was absolutely underwhelmed, which wasn't what I expected given the facility's good reputation. Don't recall any specifics at this late date, but the pancakes were anything but remarkable. It's probably not fair to condemn a place based on one visit, but that was my reaction for what it's worth.


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            1. re: ArtShapiro

              I gotta say that the Dutch Baby pancake is anything but ordinary to me:

              1. re: ArtShapiro

                You went to OPH once, don't remember when, and don't know what you ate but still feel the pancakes were unremarkable???? WOW!!!! I think that OPH (any location in CA and I have been to most of them) is some of the most consistently good food out there. Also, they have a bunch of different kinds of pancakes (not just toppings), awesome omletes, and great sides. I urge you to go again and give them another chance.
                As for how OPH compares with Dinahs, it is not a comparison. Dinahs may have some nostalgic value for some but the qualtiy of the food is not that good. Also, their signature Fried Chicken, which I keep giving second chance(s), never lives up to the hype.