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Feb 5, 2010 08:41 AM

Vintage, Woonsocket RI: Forget Sushi

Last night we visited Vintage for sushi, sashimi & drinks in the lounge. We immediately noticed that both the sushi chef and his purpose-built sushi counter were gone (they were there just a few weeks ago). Upon inquiring we were informed that the cooks in back were still making sushi. We were already there, so we thought we would give them a try.

They no longer offer ikura/salmon roe or tako/octopus, both of which I always order, but we gamely ordered the sashimi platter of tuna, snapper & yellowtail, plus an order of nigiri unagi/eel.

After a half-hour wait we were presented with an unadorned plate ashamedly showing ragged, badly-cut fish stacked like sliced baloney and a ball of instant wasabi. No daikon, nothing. It looked like a plate of fish scraps left for the cat. The nigiri eel were small, dried, cold bits of fish on plugs of gummy, dryish rice. No nori. Yuck. The dishes were removed from our bill, but it was still a disappointment and an insult.

I have praised Vintage for its sushi in the past, so I must now recant. Go for drinks and snacks, but do not go for the sushi.

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