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Feb 5, 2010 07:26 AM

beaufort, sc dinner.

i am going to be in the area of beaufort, sc for a week and i am looking for dinner recs. thanks

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  1. We always go to Panini's, I really like it. It's Italian/Mediterranean style. There are several others that I have seen recommended, you should do a search.

    1. Panini's is always excellent. The Filet Mignon is outstanding. Saltus Grill, also on Bay Street is excellent, along with Dockside Restaurant near Parris island - the best for fresh seafood. For lunch, Gloria Jean's on Lady's Island. Check with locals ( shopkeepers, etc.) for other recommendations. We have some really great eating places here in Beaufort.

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        I concur regarding Saltus, it one of my favorite restaurants in SC.

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            i think he meant Barbara Jean's. I just googled Gloria Jean's 4/5 times and all I got was a coffee company.

            Barbara Jean's
            214 Mallery St, Saint Simons Island, GA 31522

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            This is good advice from juliegf, with the exception of Barbara Jean's. Not good.

            Panini, Saltus, Dockside, Wren, the Foolish Frog (although the Frog has dreadful service to go with their really good food), and Nippy's are the places to go in and around Beaufort. Plum's is okay, too.

            Barbara Jean's
            47 Ferry Dr, Beaufort, SC 29907

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              Again, to follow up, I tried Breakwater this weekend, and I think it knocks Saltus from its perch as the top restaurant in Beaufort. Really fantastic.

              Breakwater Restaurant & Bar
              205 West St, Beaufort, SC 29902

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                Breakwater does rock. Had the sampler, oysters and shrimp were supper. Had 7 dinners there and all raved. They also have a Chareston beer that was nice. Good wine selection. Saltus still has better views. They offer an early happy hour with 1/2 off wine. Panini got bad reviews from a wedding party that went there. I wan't impressed after being at Saltus. Very average .....
                Pretty cool little town for a visit.

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                  I don't disagree with your assessment of Panini, really. I probably should have put it in the same category as Plum's: it's okay.

          3. I have begun hearing consistently great things about the Sweetgrass Restaurant at the marina on Dataw Island. I am curious if anyone here has been there.


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              Sweetgrass is one of the best restaurants in Beaufort! The food overall is simple but creative. They do their best to source local ingredients and change their menu seasonally. Their seafood is excellent, and the steaks are some of the best in town - most are sourced from Islands Meat Market.

              It's definitely a bit off the beaten path, but it IS open to the public, despite being inside a gated community. You can also access the marina and restaurant by boat.

            2. While I'm too late to help you, I hope this will help others coming to the lovely town of Beaufort. Our experience is that Panini's, Plums, Southern Graces Bistro, and Breakwater, are "ok," but we would not go out of our way to return. We think the best food in the area is to be had at Suwan Thai, Fat Patties, or Griffin Market. The first two are actually in Port Royal, and the third is in Beaufort.

              Suwan Thai serves truly authentic Thai cuisine. It is run by a husband and wife team. The husband does the front of the house and the wife (who is Thai) is the chef. It's some of the best Thai food I have had outside of Asia. It is authentic Thai, and not particularly dumbed down (e.g., is not overly sweetened, which is my pet peeve) for American tastes. Don't take this as indicating the food is always overly spicy. I like that I can actually get spicy dishes, but my sister who can't tolerate much spice was happy with the dishes that she requested be served mild/medium. Yes, the atmosphere can be a bit eccentric at times, but I love the food and the owners are so friendly. We also like the BYO opportunity. Since this is a two person show, we have always gone at lunch or for early dinner to beat the crowds. I don't know what would happen if the dining room were full, however...

              Fat Patties has awesome burgers (they buy local meats and grind their own) and shakes, including a full bar from which you can add to your milkshake. All manner of regular beef burgers are available as well as turkey and vegetarian burgers. Servings are huge. My husband and I split one burger and one shake and that is more than enough for the two of us.

              Griffin Market is a new restaurant at 403 Carteret Street (at the corner of Craven), roughly across from Low Country Market. I give this information because they do not have a sign, and it can be hard to find. This is upscale Northern Italian dining, run by a husband and wife team -- again, the wife is the chef, and the husband (who is from Northern Italy) runs the front of house. In terms of fine dining, this is by far the best meal we have had in 20+ years of visiting Beaufort on a regular basis. Our appetizers included beautiful arincini, and a lovely plate of white anchovies in a vinegarette with sieved eggs. The taglatielle bolognese was absolutely the best pasta dish I have ever had in a restaurant. We also split an order of halibut with a delicious pepper sauce. We are picky about fish, and the halibut was perfectly cooked. We thought the prices were reasonable given the extremely high quality of the food. I have seen some complain that portion sizes are small. While that is true for the antipasti dishes, the size of the pasta dishes and fish were more than ample. Again, it can be a little eccentric (I have read that they will not serve bread except with the antipasti), but I don't mind when the owners are so friendly and seem genuinely concerned that you really enjoy the superb food. The husband is a wine geek (in a good way), and the wine list is astonishing for a town of this size. Fortunately, he is more than willing to make (excellent) suggestions to suit your taste and price point. I read that the owners moved their restaurant from Georgetown (DC) to Beaufort. I agree with local writer Pat Conroy that we are thrilled to have such a fine restaurant, whose quality is on par with that of any big city, here in Beaufort. See his review in a local paper:


              At present, they are also open for lunch from Thursday-Saturday.