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Feb 5, 2010 07:14 AM

Fargo ND/Moorhead MN area restaurants

Does anyone have any recommendations on where to eat in the Fargo/Moorhead area, or on the way from St. Paul to Moorhead? I tried to do a board search but not much popped up.


Oops, I should have put this on the Great Lakes board. Sorry.

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  1. A good friend is chef at WF Maxwells in West Fargo, very good food, I also love the Hotel Donaldson for the atmospere and have heard great stuff about Kobes but havent gotten there

    1. No recommendations on where to actually eat, but avoid Space Aliens unless you want a migraine. My husband (who I swear is actually 4 years old) always wants to stop there. Ugh.

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      1. re: tzurriz

        Wow, sorry its owned by my father, I have the same opinion but.....

        1. re: Mr. Delicious

          Oh jeez! Talk about foot in mouth disease here. I'm turning 6 shades of red. Well, your father does get quite a bit of our business as we stop there every single time we drive through (so probably 6 times a year). My husband and toddler love it!

          I'm going to slink away now . . .

          1. re: tzurriz

            I dont eat there very often, however if it wasnt for his success i would not be in this industry, I agree that it is a definate cause of migraines, and in restaurants we dont learn from positive feedback, its the negative things that make us better restauranteurs, its ok you can take your foot out of your mouth...

      2. I would second the recommendation for the Hotel Donaldson. The Silver Moon Supper Club (I believe that's the name) has also been good in my experience, and the setting is quite nice. I know ND isn't really the place for ethnic food, but there is surprisingly legit Middle Eastern food to be found -- Cafe Aladdin and Ali Baba's, both near Hotel Donaldson. Also, Passage to India is really delicious and legit Indian food. Kobe's is as decent as you'll find in the area (note that that's not saying much), but I'm kind of a sushi/Asian-food-in-general snob -- the groups eating there always seem to have a ton of fun, so... That's what counts. :)

        Those are just my preferred places to eat, but you might be looking for something less exotic or expensive (Hotel Donaldson and the supper club aren't too expensive, but there are much cheaper options). Was there anything you were looking for in particular?

        Hope this post isn't too late. ;p