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Feb 5, 2010 06:24 AM

Lunch near Webster and Clyborn?

I am looking for a really good spot for lunch in the vecinity of Webster and Clyborn. A place like Sweets & Savories (I assume it doesn't do lunch) or May Street Market (sadly no longer serving lunch) to go before a movie at Webster Place. My SO won't eat Thai so the place next to Pequad's is not viable and we were underwhelmed by Pequad's Pizza. Is there a good and interesting lunch spot in the area (we will be driving)?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Webster Place isn't too far from Bucktown, where you may have some more interesting options (e.g., Britsol, Hot Chocolate, etc., etc.).

    1. I don't know of anything in that immediate area. However, it's not that far from Logan Square, where Lula ( ) is open for lunch (closed Tuesdays) and is the kind of upscale place you're looking for. It's also not that far from Roscoe Village, where you'll find Turquoise Cafe ( ) for Turkish food, and the breakfast specialty places Kitsch'n ( ) and Orange ( ). All are open for lunch during the week.

      Many upscale restaurants in residential neighborhoods, such as the two you mention (as well as Bristol mentioned by JJ), aren't open for lunch. Often a best bet for a restaurant open for lunch is ethnic food, of just about any persuasion. Your best ethnic choice probably depends on what kinds of ethnic foods you like (obviously not Thai) and what direction you're coming from. Chinatown and Greek Town come to mind, if you're coming from the south. Another ethnic possibility is the Real Tenochtitlan ( ) near Logan Square, for upscale Mexican food.

      If you enjoy pastries, note that Vanille Patisserie ( ) is half a block from the theater. Their entremets are wonderful, and their baked goods like croissants and such are excellent as well. Or have some of their French macaroons!

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        Thanks for the replies. Note to Nsxtasy I also don;t know anything in the area and have been racking my brain! I live near north (LSD and North Ave vicinity) and my SO will be coming fom the Loop. Is Real Tenochiilan fairly close? He will eat Mexican and that sounds great to me!

        I checked the websites for Bristol and as nsxtasy noted Bristol is only open for dinner and for some reason the Hot Chocolate website wouldn't open for me. I am not a dessert loveras a general rule so Vanille Patisserie is out for me. I assume Hot Chocolate serves a full menu of savories. Does anyone have a recommendation for what one might enjoy there? What is special at Real Tenochitilan? I an unfamiliar with it but the lunch menu looked good.



        1. re: KateB

          Real Tenochtitlan is on Milwaukee just north of Fullerton. That's about two miles west of the theaters, a straight shot down Fullerton. Their lunch menu is a bit abbreviated from dinner but I like the sopes appetizer (corn masa boats) which is available at lunchtime. Most of the main courses at lunch are enchiladas, and their mole sauces are very good.

          Note that Hot Chocolate is closed Mondays and not open for lunch on Tuesdays. I have trouble with their website too! You can also see a version of their menu at

          If your SO is taking the el, he/she will be taking the Blue Line. The Blue Line runs up Milwaukee Avenue and Real Tenochtitlan is on Milwaukee a few blocks north of the California stop. Lula is just a few blocks north of there, right at the Logan Square stop. Hot Chocolate is on Damen a few blocks north of the Damen stop.

        2. re: nsxtasy

          Real Tenochtitlam is not open for lunch (despite what their website says) during the winter so it may be a possibility in the future (I called and this is what they told me). The Lula, Turquoise etc suggestions in the first paragraph of your reply I didn't see when first I read your reply. Perhaps I am losing my eye sight??? I have always wanted to go to Lula's but didn't really have a handle (proximity-wise) on where it was located but since we frequent this theater fairly often it is nice to know that it is close with a car. Other lunch and dinner suggestions gratefully appreciated as Goose Island (though recently improved) and several other convenient but unmemorable venues inspire only yawns.



          1. re: KateB

            Sorry about that. FWIW I've had lunch at both Lula and Turquoise, but at both places, it was in the nicer weather and I was seated outside. I would have assumed that they are both open for lunch all year round, but it would be a good idea to call ahead for those places, too.

        3. There are a couple of places around Webster and Racine, including Charlie's Ale House, John's and Gracies. I can't say they're great, but they're not bad and they're close.

          The Bristol in Bucktown is not open for lunch, although they do do Sunday brunch.

          There's also J. Alexander's, a little bit further south on Clyborn. It's a chain, but not bad and open for lunch. Good veggie burgers for sure.