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Feb 5, 2010 06:11 AM

Non-Meat Eater Needs Restaurant Suggestions for Portland

Hello, I will be in Portland for a conference in March and plan to stay Sunday-Tuesday to enjoy the city. I am a vegetarian (not vegan) but prefer to go to regular (i.e. not specifically vegetarian) restaurants where the chefs really know how to treat vegetables and offer something other than a plate of pasta for people who don't eat meat/fish. There is not an ethnic cuisine I don't like and in addition to restaurants I want to check out the food cart scene. Thank in advance for any suggestions you might have for me.

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  1. You might enjoy Habibi Lebanese downtown. It's not fancy but really good. Many vegetarian options.

    1. Pretty much every place has good vegetarian dishes; this is Portland after all. I suggest Nicholas Lebanese; excellent cheap food but filled with kids and really loud.
      For carts: Give Pizza A Chance, India Chaat House (not Bombay Chaat House next door) corner SW 12th & Yamhill.

      1. To second Leonardo, most restaurants are veggie friendly....The place that I love for decadent veggie dishes is Ned Ludd. Screen Door, if you can handle the wait...they have a plate of three sides, always good.
        The happy hour at Bluehour is great...Davis Street tavern also...
        Alot of my favorite food carts are closed for the winter, and or moving..but you need to check out the late nite scene at SE 12th and Hawthorne.The fried muenster cheese and spaetzle Tabor is amazing. The Good Egg on mississippi, also great.
        Breakfast is so good here...Bijou downtown, Zells and Genies inner SE, Helsers on Alberta, Bunk fried egg and Meat Cheese Bread breakfast burrito are things I crave regularly.
        Have fun!

        1. I think Karam is the best Lebanese in the city and it happens to be downtown (lunch and dinner). I think it also has a more interesting menu and some choices not seen on a lot of other Lebanese menus (pumpkin kibbe, Katayef Bil-Ashta ) in town. You can request whole wheat pita in addition to the regular white version too, and I recommend it.

          I think Davis Street Tavern has one of the best veggie-friendly menus in town (lunch dinner and happy hour):
          Nice wines/drinks/beers there too and great service.

          East India Co. might be a good choice (lunch and dinner):

          Ditto Indish:

          Screen Door has a local/organics menu with lots of yummy veggie choices (as well as others on their menu - like mac n' cheese - really, a southern place where a veggie can be happy!)

          1. There's a ton of options out there for you!

            Most ethnic restaurants have several vegetarian options on their menu... There's quite a bit of good Thai, Mexican and Vietnamese. Thai Peacock downtown is quite good, and I like Pho Jasmine on N Killingsworth. If you're looking for Americana, try the Vita Cafe or Paradox... mostly vegetarian but they serve burgers (and maybe fish, I can't remember). Wonderful tempeh ruebens.

            If you're in SE late at night, there's the carts at 12th & Hawthorne, in NE there's the Grilled Cheese Grill at 11th & Alberta, super yummy!

            Good luck!