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Feb 5, 2010 06:07 AM

Almond Flour in Calgary?

Has anyone seen Almond flour in Calgary? I'm going to attempt macarons and I'd rather not have to make my own flour! (Although it would justify a new food processor....hmmm)

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  1. I've bought the Bob's Red Mill brand at both Save On Foods and Planet Organic here in Edmonton, so I assume the Calgary stores would have it as well.

    1. Pretty sure I saw it at Community Natural Foods the last time I was in the Chinook Station location.

      1. I've seen Bob's Red Mill AF in Superstore in the Natural Foods Aisle ... at the Coventry Hills store at least. Otherwise it's a staple at Community & Planet Organic as others have suggested. Both PO & Community may carry it as a house brand as well.

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        1. if it is almond powder that you are looking for, I have found some in my safeway by Home road