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Feb 5, 2010 05:38 AM

looking for a steakhouse in york region

Hi all,

Looking for a moderately priced steakhouse in york region (or scarborough).

Birthday's in about 2 months so I gotta choose!


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  1. Not sure of too many. When I did live in York Region I always made the trip to Toronto when it came to steak. Although I can say that I had a pretty good steak at Terra (Richmond Hill) Although, if I recall correctly the price was perhaps a little more than 'moderate'. The Keg's always good for for a well priced steak and B-day get together. Le Biftheque and Firefly on Woodbine in Markham - I've only 'heard' good comments, haven't been to either my self.

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    1. re: mrbluemeanie

      The Le Bifthèque on Woodbine in Markham closed down a while back. It's now The Fish House. For moderately priced, The Keg at Leslie/Hwy 7 is probably your best bet.

    2. What about the Octagon? It's a bit more than moderately priced. But it's your birthday so why not?

      1. Thanks all.

        Well I've been to the Keg, and while it's alright, I'd like something a little more upscale.

        I actually haven't heard good things about Octagon: heard it's overpriced.

        Well since it's my birthday I'm not paying, so I guess any price is ok!


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            I've been to the Octagon a number of times (not in the last two years, mind you) and never been disappointed.

            And expensive? Compared to what? Is it more expensive than a Keg? Absolutely. But let's compare some high end Toronto area prices for a 16-oz ribeye: Octagon - $42; House of Chan - $50; Ruth's Chris - $47 but the baked potato is an extra $9; Harbour60 - $52. Plus, at the Octagon, you get the impressive appetizer platter, choice of potato, and garlic bread included with your dinner.

            Stay away from some of the more ridiculous appetizers ($35 for a shrimp cocktail?! $29 for a Ceasar for two?!), the vastly overpriced seafood, and you'll get an excellent steak served in elegant surroundings for (depending on booze) less than $200 for a couple.

            1. re: FrankD

              Fair enough.

              Still not sure though, so I may just go back to Peter's. Went there a few years ago, and steak was quite good.

              Thanks everyone.


              1. re: qin__23

                The Octogon also has a 28 oz. bone in ribeye for about $46 which provides the average eater with dinner and cold steak for lunch or dinner the following day.

                The sea food and Caesar prices are hilarious.

              2. re: FrankD

                But the one time I went the steak did not taste that good at all, not sure if I just got a bad one, but I was quite dissapointed, albeit this was like 9 years ago or so take it with a huge grain of salt!

                1. re: Wil

                  I was under the impression that the question of Octagon's comparative food quality/price offer was pretty much settled in this board: overpriced across the board. but to each his own.