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Feb 5, 2010 05:22 AM

Surprise Anniversay Breakfast

Without going into too much detail, my best friends wedding anniversary is Sunday, she is complaining that her hubby is not willing to take her out to eat. I thought I could deliver a nice breakfast for her and her family (4 teen and preteen kids) Homeade muffins or cinnamon rolls are a no brainer but what can I put with it that will travel across town wekll or be able to be re-heated successfully??
Of course a bottle of prosecco and Oj will be part of the basket as well!

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  1. How about a breakfast stratta. You could make it the night before and deliver it either partially cooked or if carefull uncooked.

    1. Maybe some mini frittatas made in muffin tins, or even just a fritata cut into wedges, and a fruit salad.

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      1. What a nice friend you are! Looks like a make ahead quiche, fritatta or strata is the way to go. A fruit salad with your muffins and juice sounds wonderful.

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          What a sweetheart you are momoftwo. Very thoughtful and practical. I'm sure your friend will love it.

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            Thanks everyone! I thought of the breakfast idea cuz I am still holding out hope he will come around and take here out to dins.