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Geoff and Drew's cookies

Never heard of this place on Pearl St. in Malden but they are featured today on Buy with me. Are they worth a try for cookies and brownies?


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  1. My niece's best friend formally worked with them and did rave about their cookies though I have never tried them. As you can see from their website, similar to most companies that sell already baked cookies over the internet, they specialize in gift boxes. I am starting a Gourmet Frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie dough ball company which will be geared more to the home consumer who can just pull 1 or 2 balls out of the freezer and in 12 minutes have a gourmet, home-cooked cookie.

    1. Several years ago,before they started doing the gift box thing, they use to deliver warm cookies in Boston within an hour of ordering. They were really good.

      1. Excellent (albeit expensive cookies)! They make really nice gifts.

        1. I have ordered Geoff and Drew's several times for birthdays and the recipent always calls to thank me and raves about how delicious they are. I decided to finally order some for myself and I have to say, their brownies are amazing...cookies are really good but I actually liked the brownies better.

          1. I have ordered these cookies three times, live in Tampa, and am very health conscious (workout 1 to 2 hrs per day) and absolutely pig out on these cookies each time! I am very glad they are not more convenient to buy. Haven't tried the brownies and if they are better than the cookies, do not want to try them! I have tried to find similar cookies here and none are close. I usually get 24 cookies with 4 varieties and love choc. chip the most then oatmeal raisin, then chocolate chocolate chip.

            I just finished the last cookie and am already missing them.

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              So many positive reviews and as a self proclaimed sweet fiend I can't believe I've never heard of this place which is roughly 5 miles from me! Too late to get the internet deal but I must take a ride over and check it out in person.

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                I didn't realize they had a storefront. I thought they were just mail order.

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                  They are just mail order- but sometimes you can call and arrange a pick up but everything is baked fresh to order. so its not like a regular bakery where you walk in and pick what you want. Its literally baked to your order. Just call their toll free number 866-437-3928 but I know they have limted hours during part of the year so check their site

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                  It is funny how they fly under the radar of so many. They were actually featured once on Today a few years ago, on their The Today Show plans a wedding piece. NBC picks a couple and pays for all the arrangements for them to get married on air. Geoff & Drew were once one of the 3-4 vendors whose wedding "cake" (their offering was a cookie cake) the couple had to choose from. They didn't get picked though.

              2. I guess I got a bad batch. I found these cookies to be generally hard (but not in a Tate's sugary kind of way) with very little flavor. I didn't reach for a 2nd.

                1. I have ordered many many times for birthdays, get well gifts, holidays and for my mom for mothers day. Everytime I order I get thank you's until the cows come home. They are not as pricey as you think. Their packaging is the best around. if you look at the competitor they use ugly tins or "cheezy" gift boxes" their dots boxes are so cute and come in so many colors. People dont want to throw the boxes away either. I know if you sign up on the website, there is a sign up for speicals page, and they send monthly email with discounts from 20-25% off and once or twice a year they do a buy one dozen get one dozen cookies FREE !! ( I always look for that email) They also have a I love geoff and drews fanpage on facebook, you should join that also. One thing I do know is I ordered for valentine's day. the cookeis were "hard" but bc they FROZE - i called. they said it was becase it was 10 degree's in boston. That makes sense. You would freeze if you were in a UPS truck in the winter and it was 20 degrees- they simply gave me directions to warm them up in a microwave or oven and all I can say is pure heaven!!! :-)

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                    I ordered some of these cookies and brownies for my wife for V-Day and I thought they were fantastic. The cookies were very fresh and just soft enough. Obviously with shipping these are more expensive than other similar cookies but I would unquestionably order them again. I also found their service to be exemplary (ordered Wednesday evening before Valentine's Day and they arrived on Saturday the day before Valentines Day). For $50 (which included everything), she got 10 cookies, 4 brownies and a few pretzel rods covered with buttercrunch.

                  2. I've had those cookies a few times... The white chocolate & cranberry ones are to die for. Holy yum nuts! I have a friend who got them as a corporate thank you gift and thought that was such a great idea and the packaging was gorgeous. I'm going to suggest to my team at work that we use them for our holiday gifts next year.

                    1. Just a quick update of my experience with G&D so far. (haven't yet tasted the goods!) When I realized I was too late for the deal (waiting for encouragement from CH) I sent a quick email to Geoff and Drew's to see if there was some other discount or offer available since I'd just missed the deadline by a couple of hours. Got a very pleasant response from Carol (president and "chief cookie girl") extending another discount to me on any of their items, not just those featured in the group sale promo. Placed an order for a combo of cookies and brownies and since I live locally, will pick them up in Malden on Monday morning. After reading all the accolades I'm really looking forward to my first bites! If Carol's response is any indication of the quality of the product, I will most definitely be pleased and it's good to know I'm supporting a local business. Eat more cookies and brownines and do your part to stimulate the economy!