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Bacon wrapped jalapenos

I want to make a couple dozen for SuperBowl, and found this recipe. Anyone made it? Just wondering if with the cream cheese, it's too plain?? Does it need to have herbs or flavoruing? I really don't want to make a test batch first.


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  1. I made something similar for NYE and everyone loved them. Instead of bacon, I used prosciutto. I also thought just cream cheese was boring so I added a slight stip of honey on top of cream cheese. If you use prosciutto, there is no need for the toothpick.

    I think they are perfect SuperBowl food.

    1. I'm more of a fan of a shredded cheddar, I'm sure you could mix the two (making it easier to fill).

      Have fun - Go Saints!!!

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        I agree. I add some cheddar and some pickled sweet-hot jalapenos and whatever else I feel like to the recipe. They freeze well, too.

        GEAUX SAINTS!!!

      2. Made them as directed and found them plain and boring. We froze half of them, so next time I sprinkled with salt and poured on some hot sauce - tried both crystal and sriracha, and sriracha did the trick. But despite the bacon they do need a sprinkle of salt too.

        1. A nice coating of your favorite BBQ sauce does wonders for these puppies. A bit bland without it, IMO.

          1. gosh, this sounds so good.
            we made bacon wrapped medjool pitted dates a couple of dinner parties ago and it was a HUGE hit!

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              Try upping that by stuffing the dates with goat cheese, it's dangerous, truly.

              For the stuffed jalapenos, try mixing the cream cheese with:
              smoked chedder, a touch of chipotle powder, and sundried tomatoes
              garlic, cilantro, cumin, and lime juice with slices of roasted bell pepper and avocado (or, just pair guacamole with cream cheese)
              chorizo, diced red onion, and queso fresco
              capers, parsley, worcestershire sauce, and toasted nori blended with chopped walnuts or achovies
              roughly chopped or slivered strawberries and a dash each of whiskey and vanilla
              cranberries, horseradish, shallots, and dijon
              ginger, garlic, soy sauce, honey, scallions, shredded carrot and whole mint leaves
              lots of caramelized onions

              Also, this may sound strange, but try stuffing the jalapeno with peanut butter (or peanut butter with mango) and wrapping with bacon.

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                I made jalapeno poppers and bacon-wrapped dates on the same day once, which ended with jalapeno-stuffed bacon wrapped dates. Awesome - salty/spicy/sweet.. heaven.

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                  oooh I have some smoked cheddar hanging around, I think I found the variation for this time around :)

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                      Ok I've been all over the city looking for jalapenos and when the store wasn't out, what was there was sad and wrinkly. A few produce people I spoke to said they get a delivery tomorrow so here's hoping... otherwise there may be a mutiny ;)

                      I did manage to find some decent poblanos so I have a plan B of sorts but they won't be PWs bacon wrapped jalapeno thingies.

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                        But poblanos, although larger, are what they make fresh chile rellenos with out here in So Cal, they would make a fine sub, just need a knife & fork since they wont be a one bite deal.

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                          I'm learning a lot about So Cal & Mexican food - a lot of this is new to this Canadian but thanks to all you wonderful folks I'm learning alot (next cookbook purchase will probably be Bayless)... I remembered poblanos figuring into rellenos so it was a fallback plan after coming up empty at so many places.

                          Since the produce guy said they were getting an order in today I sent DH out early this morning and he came back with a dozen jalapenos woohoo. Now I'm off find more (he remembered I mentioned "dozen" not 2-3 dz) and get some gloves since it looks like I'm out/they didn't make it here in the move.

              2. We use cream cheese, cheddar or colby, green onions, and pineapple. I run the pineapple through the food processor. We have put imitation crab in them, too. A little of your favorite bbq rub will work as well. We put a bit in the stuffing and then sprinkle it on the bacon as well.

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                  Wow, that sounds really good. I happen to have a lot of pineapple leftover, I just may have to try these this weekend. My DH loves anything spicy and with bacon.

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                    That pineapple mixture sounds fantastic. Spicy, sweet and bacony -- what's not to love? I might have to pick up the ingredients for this and make them this weekend. Thank you!

                  2. I like spicy so would mix the jalapeno seeds into the cream cheese along with some sriracha. Sriracha is awesome with cream cheese.

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                      That's an excellent idea. A shame to waste all those heat-bearing little seeds.

                    2. They're a staple at our football parties. IMHO make double what you think you'll need because they disappear quickly. If you don't want to wrap every last one in bacon you can stuff and then use panko or some other crumb topping then bake as instructed. 2nd the suggestions to change up the cheese/heat level of the filling to suit your tastes.

                      Two lessons (DH learned the first one the hard way) 1) Wear gloves when cleaning the peppers. You don't want to say take out contacts or use the facilities with peppers on your hands OW! 2) bake them on a cooling rack set over a rimmed cookie sheet.

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                        oh, and I forgot to add... cleaning out the peppers always takes longer than I think so I try and do it the day before so I can fill, wrap and bake more quickly th day of the game. Of course if you're not a wimp like I am and your guests are ok with heat just halve, stuff & bake :)

                        1. re: maplesugar

                          Maplesugar, thanks so much for the great tips! I cleaned and prepped my peppers last night and was glad I did them the night before. It took a lot more time than I thought it would and saved me much needed time today.

                          Per your suggestions, I blended my light cream cheese with salt, garlic powder, some hot green sauce and a generous amount of pepper jelly. After mixing, I put the cheese in a plastic ziploc so the flavors would have time to meld.

                          This morning, I took the clean, sliced peppers out of the fridge and piped the cheese into my peppers by snipping a corner of my ziploc bag. I then seasoned my panko crumbs with salt and unsalted melted butter and pushed the crumbs on top of my chees.

                          I baked the peppers in a convection oven at 325 degrees and none of my cheese oozed out while cooking, probably b/c I didn't remove the cheese from the fridge until just before I filled my peppers. I didn't bother using a rack to cook them, I just placed them on a foil-lined baking pan.

                          OMG, hubby and I gobbled up six of these puppies before they even had a chance to cool. They were absolutely DELICIOUS! I can't wait to try out more of the combinations suggested by others on this thread.

                          Thanks again for the great tips!

                          1. re: cvhound

                            I definitely can't take the credit but I'm glad to hear you liked them :)

                            The rack over sheet is only really important if you're wrapping with bacon since it gives the gease somewhere to drain. This time I used bacon and filled with a mixture of smoked cheddar & cream cheese... next time I'll have to mix it up and season the cream cheese as you did.

                            Cheers :)

                      2. we use goat cheese--more tang than cream cheese.

                        1. Thanks. Great ideas. Might make two different fillings....convinced me to up the quantity. They look addictive.

                          1. I made PW's recipe, and if I recall correctly, I thought the leftovers I ate the next day were better than fresh from the oven. I think I even ate them cold from the fridge.
                            As you may gather from my username, my tastes lean towards spicy. Even though I try to vary the Superbowl menu every year, the one and only constant is jalapenos with freshly grated parmesan - very easy, but surprisingly good.
                            Peppers are halved, deseeded, and topped with a tsp or two of cheese. Then in an oiled skillet or sheet pan gently saute or bake on low until the cheese is melted and the peppers are soft.
                            Thanks to this thread, this year I'll have to try some with sriracha.

                            1. Alright, inspired by this thread, I created my own Jalapoppers recipe, and then put it to the test. Here 'tis:

                              1. Cream together one small tub o' Philly Cream Cheese and one teaspoon garlic powder.

                              2. Split eight jalapenos lengthwise, remove seeds/veins, and stuff with cream cheese/garlic powder mixture.

                              3. Brush a viscous pepper sauce (i.e. Cholula but not Tabasco) over stuffed jalapenos.

                              4. Use toothpicks to affix a three-inch strip of bacon over each half.

                              5. Brush a BBQ sauce over bacon-covered jalapenos.

                              6. Place foil on baking sheet and place stuffed jalapenos on foil.

                              7. Place on middle rack in oven and broil until bacon is crisped to your satisfaction.

                              PS--These hollow-tipped vegetable bullets have real stopping power, so look out! They may make your gizzard grumble a bit, but are well worth the distress.

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                              1. Just finished hollowing out 30 of these babies. Have mixed cream cheese and imported smoked scamorza from Italy I found at my local Italian store. Shredded it and mixed the two. Stuffed them and wrapped with bacon. They are in the fridge, ready to go. I have some Chipotle BBQ sauce I am going to brush on half. Can't wait to try them!

                                1. I just put mine in the fridge to set up a bit while I preheat the oven now.

                                  FYI for anyone making these now - if you don't have gloves, use ziploc sandwich baggies on your hands - works great.

                                  Can't wait to try them - I put pineapple in the cream cheese - yum.