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Favorite things to cook during a snowstorm

Looks like the mid-atlantic might be getting a good snowstorm tonight into tomorrow. What's your favorite thing to cook when you're being "snowed in".

I tend to fall back on either chili or stew, sometimes if it's a really long storm I'll add some cookies to the mix. But with the superbowl on Sunday, I know I'll be eating lots of chili this weekend so thinking of other good ideas.

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  1. My usual snowstorm favorites are a good thick soup or mac and cheese. That being said, tonight I will be making salmon cakes, polenta and braccoli rabe. I will probably bake something like coffee cake or bread in the morning. It is good to have the house have that smell when it is cold and snowy outside. I also plan on making lots of pots of hot chocolate (with and without rum).

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      Make beef stock. Roast the bones first. The whole place will smell marvelous and then you can plan what to cook next with the stock

    2. This weekend's snow means:
      homemade mac and cheese
      cranberry orange pinwheel cookies
      cinnamon rolls
      split pea soup

      During the superbowl, I will be watching an "Arrested Development" DVD marathon and devouring the cinnamon rolls, thank you very much :)

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        Split pea soup, one of my favorites!!! I am with you on the dvd marathon.

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          I should make frozen bananas for dessert that day :)

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          Mac & cheese, cinnamon rolls & Arrested Development? Now that is my kind of superbowl party!

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            Yes, at my Superbowl, the Bluths won!

        3. I like baking bread on snow days, and making fudge. Both of these activities get me in a nice, slow, nowhere-to-go frame of mind.

          For meat, I got a rack of ribs that I'm going to oven smoke using lapsang souchong tea using the method outlined on America's Test Kitchen/CI.

          And then I tend to try something completely experimental with the odd lots in the pantry if I'm still in a cooking mood.

          1. Chili, beef roast or stew, but today I am making a pot of potato soup.

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            1. Pot roast, meat loaf, chili or soup. Something warm, fragrant, long cooking and hearty.

              1. I've been experimenting with making vegetable soups with roasted vegetables. It's been mentioned elsewhere on this board and, as promised, the taste of the caramalized veggies plus the olive oil they were roasted in takes soups to the next level. So I'd probably fire up the oven and start working those vegetables for a chicken vegetable soup. Then when the oven was free again, a yeast bread recipe suitable for soup duty. Roasting the vegetables in batches can take a while so that would leave plenty of time for the bread risings.

                1. Planning on roasting a nice big turkey breast so I'll have lots of food for the week ahead, and making some pizza dough to freeze and have ready to go when I want to use it. Might also cook some dried beans in the crockpot

                  1. I love making a braise, like short ribs, b/c it makes the whole house smell awesome. We're not getting your snow storm (that was our storm a week ago!) but we are getting a rainy day. Anyway, always a good time to cook.

                    Also love to make chili, soup, brisket, and stew. And I don't bake much, but may have to do mini cinnamon buns that I found at Trader Joe's for the am.

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                      I also remembered that storm days are perfect days to make Gravy - that is, southern Italian meaty tomato sauce.

                    2. I can recall making potato soup with onions -- and not much else -- on more than one occasion when we couldn't get to the store and there really wasn't much in the house!

                      When I can prepare, the gang that lives at our house enjoys a roast turkey. We pick and pick and pick all day. And I have to make gravy and mashed potatoes.

                      In our Chinese restaurant, orders of Ma Po Tofu spike on snowy nights. That and smoked duck. Go figure.

                      1. The storm will probably be minor for us in Northern Jersey. However, I'm still cooking! I'm making chicken stock now & will use it for Chicken Stew tonight and Sausage and Lentil Stew tomorrow. Hopefully I'll make an apple cake too.

                        1. I have tons of chicken broth and a head of red cabbage. Thinking of experimenting with some sort of cabbage soup.

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                            You might want to try this one. I had no luck with it, but then again, I never had cabbage soup before so it might have been great. Everyone else on the 'net loved it. Veselka Cabbage Soup - 1st prize in Amateur Gourmet's Soup Battle!!!


                          2. As someone else mentioned, braising. Braised anything. Where I live winter is a good six months long so we becoome very good at braised dishes! :-) And baking bread. As it is so hot in the summer I prefer to bake bread in the winter, especially when a blizzard strikes. And orange buns - similar to cinnamon buns but with a delectable orange cream filling and glaze. Doughnuts, too.

                            I also love to make risottos and tons of sauces, jams and jellies (sweet and savory), chutneys, marmalades, and so on. Things that heat up the house when we need it!

                              1. Pizza, pizza and more pizza!!! Love being snowed in and cooking/baking. Dough is proofing in the fridge, can't wait to make it later!

                                1. Pretend you are on the beach in Mexico and make some quesadillas, avocado shrimp cocktails and margaritas!

                                  1. Anything that makes the house smell good! Some things I have made during snowstorms are risotto, pasta e fagioli soup, bolognese, braised dishes (roasts/brisket, coq au vin) and stroganoff

                                    1. Snow is very rare at my house....On very, very cold, rainy, days etc. I enjoy the simplicity of a big pot of beef/vegetable soup. A big pone of hot cornbread and I'm good to go.


                                      1. We've got more than a foot of snow and ice out there right now and it's still coming down. Our mailman was very brave and made it up the road to our house to deliver my new walnut cookie molds and pastry horn molds. Today I made bread, beef stock, hard boiled eggs, pasta salad, and roasted a pesto smeared, lemon and garlic stuffed chicken for supper. Tomorrow if the electricity is still holding out I'm making beef barley soup and am going to try out the new cookie molds. My husband has requested (of all things) white chocolate strawberry ripple ice cream. If the electricity blows, the camp stove and oven will come out. We're pretty well stocked with pressure canned meals and stocks, the freezer's full, and we have 3 bathtubs full of water plus many gallons of drinking water from our well (wells run on electricity) so we should be ok. I'm thinking of gathering the neighbors for a soup night.

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                                          Are your walnut cookie molds the ones that look like walnut halves that you use to make sandwich cookies? I've seen those in a catalog and thought they looked cool. Have fun baking!

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                                            Yep! Had a plethora of lemons that needed to be used so I made lemon curd for stuffing and a sort of lemon shortbread for the cookies and then dipped them in a glaze that I tinted with yellow coloring. They looked just like little lemons! Was bummed that I didn't have any of the cool little sugar paste leaves I came across on a website but I'm ordering some. These are going to make great nibbles in the guest rooms for the upcoming B&B season!

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                                              Cool. I had never thought of making those into mini lemons rather than walnuts. Very creative.

                                        2. Deb has onion soup on Saturday's menu. It's an all-day affair. The whole house will smell great.

                                          Really bad weather requires finger food, gin and tonics and Endless Summer on the tube.

                                          1. We got about 26 inches of snow here in South Jersey. Most of my ideas for the weekend were cooking -- made all the more simple when every activity was canceled from Friday night on! Plenty of hot cocoa (and some of the remaining homemade marshmallows from the holidays).

                                            Friday night was homemade pizza. Saturday dinner was braised chicken leg quarters (can't pass 'em up when they are .49 a pound), mashed potatoes, and butter braised carrots. I was going to have a loaf of bread with that, but my timing was off when we got into a family game that ran long!

                                            Tonight it's a long braised pork roast, spaetzle, sauteed cabbage, and homemade rye bread. I LOVE the smell and sense of "homey-ness" of long-cooked meals on cold snowy days. My Lodge dutch oven helps a lot too!

                                            Plus, it gives us a head start on some leftover dinners for the coming week. We have a full bathtub and extra drinking water (on well too) and I'm so glad that the power has stayed on!

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                                              Oh, yum your dinner tonight sounds awesome. I love a good pork roast........... Good luck in the snow - so glad I left it for the mudslides in Cali - hahahaha!!

                                            2. We got 26-28 inches in DC, with 5-10 more expected tomorrow and Wednesday.

                                              This weekend I made pb choc. chip cookie bars, Scali bread, monkey bread, meatballs (which were eaten as sliders), Marcella's bolognese, and homemade tortillas (to go with some skirt steak etc). That's it, I think ... so far. :)

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                                                Sounds awesome!

                                                I have to make marshmallows when it snows. I also made tuna sushi, hummus, grilled chicken and yogurt sauce, soft-boiled egg tacos, a little goey chocolate cake, a pot of chicken chili, and a loaf of crusty white. I'm thinking about making chicken pot pie and hot cocoa later. (Having time to go grocery shopping and electricity throughout REALLY increases my enjoyment of snow days!)

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                                                  Yum ... that all sounds great!

                                                  I made mocha turtle brownies yesterday, too.

                                              2. Vegetarian chili
                                                Vegetable soup and skillet of cornbread
                                                Potato soup
                                                Roasted vegetables
                                                Freshly baked bread

                                                I love for the house to smell delicious inside when it is cold outside.

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                                                    Broccoli and carrot soup with added cheddar cheese.

                                                  2. pancakes for breakfast (nothing else to do on a snow day!)
                                                    Spaghetti and meatballs
                                                    thick mushroom barley soup with floating chunks of beef
                                                    freshly baked chocolate chip cookies - eaten fresh out of the oven!

                                                    1. This time around I decided to tackle tamales for the first time ever. They came out really tasty. The first few were pretty messy, but as I practiced they got better until the final two or three were almost professional-looking. And most importantly, they all stayed intact through the steaming. Now my freezer is stocked for the rest of the winter.

                                                      I also made: peanut butter-oatmeal cookies, a pot of beans, some frighteningly convincing and delicious vegan cutlets (smooshed chickpeas + wheat gluten), and a few tasty breakfast-skillet concoctions (this morning: roast potatoes with chickpeas, lots of slivered garlic, and pistachios, finished off with some hot paprika and a squeeze of lemon).

                                                      Usually during storms I tend to bake some bread and cook a pot of chili, but not this time around. And although I bought the makings of apple crisp I never got around to it, just ate the apples instead.