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Feb 5, 2010 03:45 AM

Favorite things to cook during a snowstorm

Looks like the mid-atlantic might be getting a good snowstorm tonight into tomorrow. What's your favorite thing to cook when you're being "snowed in".

I tend to fall back on either chili or stew, sometimes if it's a really long storm I'll add some cookies to the mix. But with the superbowl on Sunday, I know I'll be eating lots of chili this weekend so thinking of other good ideas.

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  1. My usual snowstorm favorites are a good thick soup or mac and cheese. That being said, tonight I will be making salmon cakes, polenta and braccoli rabe. I will probably bake something like coffee cake or bread in the morning. It is good to have the house have that smell when it is cold and snowy outside. I also plan on making lots of pots of hot chocolate (with and without rum).

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    1. re: Fiona

      Make beef stock. Roast the bones first. The whole place will smell marvelous and then you can plan what to cook next with the stock

    2. This weekend's snow means:
      homemade mac and cheese
      cranberry orange pinwheel cookies
      cinnamon rolls
      split pea soup

      During the superbowl, I will be watching an "Arrested Development" DVD marathon and devouring the cinnamon rolls, thank you very much :)

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      1. re: iluvcookies

        Split pea soup, one of my favorites!!! I am with you on the dvd marathon.

        1. re: JEN10

          I should make frozen bananas for dessert that day :)

        2. re: iluvcookies

          Mac & cheese, cinnamon rolls & Arrested Development? Now that is my kind of superbowl party!

          1. re: Andria

            Yes, at my Superbowl, the Bluths won!

        3. I like baking bread on snow days, and making fudge. Both of these activities get me in a nice, slow, nowhere-to-go frame of mind.

          For meat, I got a rack of ribs that I'm going to oven smoke using lapsang souchong tea using the method outlined on America's Test Kitchen/CI.

          And then I tend to try something completely experimental with the odd lots in the pantry if I'm still in a cooking mood.

          1. Chili, beef roast or stew, but today I am making a pot of potato soup.

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            1. Pot roast, meat loaf, chili or soup. Something warm, fragrant, long cooking and hearty.