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Feb 5, 2010 03:29 AM

Kosher Milkshakes?

Our grandson just got a fascinating Rx from a diagnostic pediatrician: increase his calorie level with milkshakes two times daily! Obviously shakes with some protein content would be great to add to the repetoire--eggs, powdered protein of some sort, but recipes you have enjoyed would all be welcome.

Thanks much, in Philadelphia

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  1. I left something out. He has no allergies; could have candy bars or ice cream in these shakes; the idea is to increase his calorie count daily. He's almost 10 years old.

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      Not much too it - Milk and a high quality ice cream - I am somewhat of a purists in that more times than not I keep it simple - some times add malted milk to make a malted milkshake - in terms of added protein I have never done that but I think you should be able to hide pretty much anything in there -

    2. Does he like bananas? Try vanilla ice cream, bananas, and a smidge of nutella or peanut butter. Or blend some oreos in with chocolate ice cream.

      Definitely go with the best quality ice cream you can get. Makes a difference. Hagen Dasz vanilla is really yummy.

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        Use yogurt. It has protein. Also peanut butter.

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          Few things in life are as satisfying as a peanut butter shake. Except maybe the chocolate peanut butter shake. As for yogurt, the fruit/yogurt smoothie opens up a universe of possibilities. Mangoes, pineapple, strawberries (any berries, for that matter). The possibilites are truly endless.

          1/2 cup of any fruit (unthawed )frozen fruit works best for texture.
          3/4 cup yogurt


          Oh, and add a spoonful of whey powder, which will not be noticed.

      2. Milk and vanilla ice cream. You can get by with any quality; just add a drop or two of pure vanilla extract (VERY cheap at costco!).

        1. Hi Philadelphia (i'm also from philly)!

          Check out:

          These instant protein shakes come in vanilla or chocolate are Kosher and are high in protein and vitamins and minerals - if your grandson needs to gain some weight, adding these shakes to his diet will help - they are also loaded with vitamins and minerals which all kids need. Bonus, they taste yummy like milkshakes. If you have questions or need further help email me at

          Good luck!

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            I am a big fan of Blendtec for making shakes and smoothies. The Blendtec blends much better than conventional belenders. It is great for blending in healthy foods that people typically don't eat (like spinach or beets). It is pricey, but worth it for what it does. It is available cheaper on the internet.


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