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Feb 5, 2010 03:01 AM

Farberware nonstick skillet with glass lid - any good?

I'm looking for a nonstick skillet -12" is a bit large for my stovetop and my needs but I can live with it - and want one with a glass lid. The Farberware Cooks Kitchen Nonstick Aluminum 11" Covered Skillet / Frying Pan with Glass Lid, $25 on the Farberware site, fills the bill and would be a great buy - if the nonstick surface is any good.

I wouldn't be giving Farberware a look except that ATK rated their Millennium 12" nonstick skillet the best inexpensive one they tested. That one has no lid, and I'd prefer 11", but the review indicates that Farberware knows how to make good nonstick skillets. Don't know whether the Cooks Kitchen model one of them.

Anyone using it and have any comments to make? Or if you've found another skillet that fills the bill (nonstick, glass lid, 11" or smaller, cooks well, reasonably durable, under $50), would you tell me about it?


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  1. I can't reply about that specific product or product line. I _can_ tell you that I have a Farberware nonstick frying pan that I purchased in '95. We have used it frequently (at least twice a week; hand-washing) since then and it is just now getting to the point where I'm thinking of replacing it (it's still fine, but the nonstick coating is getting maybe notso hotso).

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      Looks like you got a good long run with a Farberware nonstick surface - more than I'm counting on. Thanks for the info.

    2. Depending on how much faith you put in Cook's IllustratedI's ratings, and putting aside their gold standard All-Clad preference, they rated Faberware Millennium (12" - $36) 4th after Simply Calphalon ($50), Circulon Elite (49) and Cuisinart's Chef Classic (42).

      The year the testing was done is ambiguous, but I'm guessing 2006 - so obviously, these products may be improved..... or not. If you care to see the details,

      If it asks you to "sign-up", for the "Equipment Corner", it's free.

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        That's not the review I was referring to, and as I was looking for a skillet with a lid, the pans you name weren't in the running.

        As it happens, the Farberware product seems to have been discontinued, so I went with some other cooks' recommendation of the Anolon Advanced Bronze 12-Inch Covered Deep Skillet, currently half-price from the maker and Bed Bath & Beyond. Deep is right, it's a battleship of a frying pan, but so far so good.