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Feb 4, 2010 10:37 PM

Headed to Strip Club - Need Recs

I'm excited to try it out, but I'm not sure what to order. I know the grass fed steaks are the centerpiece of the menu, but I find myself more intrigued by the small plates.

The Devil's Eggs are happening for sure, but where do I go from there? Stick with the steaks? A small plate smorgasbord? It's just me and my wife, so there's little room for error.

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  1. I was just there Sunday night. This is currently my favorite restaurant in the cities. The foie gras duck rillettes were outstanding. I am always a fan of the duck confit and poutine. All a bit rich, but very satisfying for small plates. We shared the shrimp and sausage special which was very flavorful but I think that was the special of the night. The skewered meats are usually very good as well. We usually order a few small plates and then share a main. If they have it try the chocolate-covered bacon dessert it is fabulous. Enjoy!

    1. I would definitely not miss having a steak. But the small plates are yummy too...hard! Suggestion below is good of sharing small plates and a main entree. My husband and I very much enjoy the beans & toast small plate- warm, nice herbal aromatic (rosemary, I think) flavor. And I can never pass up on the french fries-- they are like my ideal of french fries- thin, crispy, no skin, well-seasoned.

      Have fun!

      1. Jfood been there three times in the lastyear.

        Steak medium rare with french fries.

        You will get some pushback from some really good Hounds on the next statement. He hated the mushroom sauce. Next time he is going to try the beet something or other as the sauce, as he promised a few weeks ago.

        1. I have been to Strip Club a number of different times and have tried quite a few things (but since the menu changes a lot, I definitely have not had everything). I think they do a nice job with many of the small plates. I do like the eggs that you are planning to try. I also really like the beans and toast. I have had really good wild-rice sausage as a small plate before. Also, the "meat on a stick" has been awesome every time I have tried it. We usually get a ~4 small plates and split an entree when we go with two of us - it is a nice balance between trying a number of things, but getting to have an entree too. I have especially liked the braised meat dishes I have had there.

          1. Thanks all. Sounds like we should go with the beans and toast, with the eggs and some fries. Would love to split a steak with the wife, but she is only now reintroducing herself to red meat and might stick with the burger.

            As for the steak, ribeye rare sans adornments sounds like a plan.

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              Well, the burger (and especially the loaded burger!) is very good so she won't be disappointed or be missing out or anything...