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Feb 4, 2010 08:35 PM

Whole Fish Recipes?

I've been making 'Splash Bass' from the Silver Palate for years, but would like to find other recipes for whole fish. Anyone have a favorite?

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  1. haven't tried this one yet, but bookmarked it the second i saw it on Monday:

    1. Pickerel Chinese style:

      Put a whole pickerel into a steamer, put chopped green onions on top and steam till cooked. Transfer to a serving dish, pour a few dashes of soy sauce over, then pour boiling peanut oil over.

      A word of caution: I just use very hot peanut oil. Boiling the stuff could be hazardous to your kitchen. Stand well back when you pour the oil as it splatters; I put the serving dish in newspaper to try and contain the splatter.

      Serve with steamed rice.

      1. A simple, but delicious Spanish treatment is Dorada a la Sal (Salt crusted Bream). Lubina (Bass) is also very common. Snapper or salmon would work in this dish too. No special ingredients, just fish, salt and a little water. You can serve your fish with lemon and a little olive oil.

        1. My mother used to make a stuffed red snapper. She sliced it lengthwise and removed the skeleton, not hard if the snapper is large enough. Then she added sauteed finely minced white onion and celery and mixed that with crab meat and diced dill pickle. The dill pickle might sound a bit strange to some but it was a key ingredient. This mixture went between the two snapper halves, which she then dotted with butter and wrapped in aluminum foil. It was baked in a 350 degree oven (I think) for some number of minutes I don't remember. Living in a part of the country where red snapper is slightly more expensive by the ounce than gold, I haven't made this myself in many years but any good baked fish recipe should help you with temperature and timing.

          1. Slice potatoes, toss with sliced garlic, black olives and EVOO and bake for 15 minutes or so, toss, add grape or cherry tomatoes and put your whole fish on top and bake till done, about 10 minutes per inch of thickness. You can add sliced or chopped fennel at the beginning if you like it.