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Feb 4, 2010 05:55 PM

Wine'ing Butcher in Meredith NH - Fantastic lunch today, can't wait to go back!!!

Has anyone else been? It's just behind the Irving Station on Rt. 25 just as your leaving Meredith to head towards Center Harbor.

Today, sis and I split an unbelievable Ragin Cajun: anduillie sausage and spicy shrimp (big juicy too) with melted prov cheese and maybe a spicy mayo on a fantastic fresh bun. This was spicy and full of flavors. Yum. Dad got a roast beef that was enough to feed an army, looked delish but he didn't share!

Their ready made items looked fantastic, I can't wait to back and try those humongous crab cakes with huge chucks of crab, stuffed portobello mush with either a garlic spinach or sausage, lots of marinated meats, chix, etc. also some frozen specialties like frog legs, bison, venison - even fresh veggies too, lots of great cheeses, breads, seafood, oysters, etc. Lots of awesome sandwiches, burgers, brick oven pizza, salads, etc.

Check it out.

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  1. Do they have tables for dining in? The website seems like it is a market only.

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      they are working on that but no, as yet! I asked too, seems the perfect setting for a few bistro tables. I think they were having a wine tasting today, forgot to mention all the wonderful wines and beer they have.

      NH has some crazy laws on dining, serving food, % of sales, % of booze, etc etc

    2. We are faithful fans of the . Their meat is exceptionally high quality and the fish (especially the sushi grade tuna) fresh and reasonably priced. There's not room for an extensive selection of wine or beer, but you'll find some pleasant surprises here which other local stores do not stock. An added plus: all the staff is pleasant and helpful. If you haven't wandered back behind the Irving station yet, do it soon!

      1. I was happy to see your post as I spend a great deal of time in the Lakes Region over the summer and I'm always looking for new places. I see that they also have a location in Gilford which would be more convenient for me. Another place you might like for crabcakes if you haven't been already is Kevin's Cafe. I'm really hoping they have their takeout open at the Weirs this year because I just love grabbing a crabcake and strolling around. Anything else new or worth trying? I stilll have Lyons Den on my list because I didn't get there last summer. Guess I spent too much time at O Steak & Seafood

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          I had a really awesome burger at Elycoya Barn and Grill (few weeks back). We are looking forward to going by boat!!!

          1. re: lexpatti

            Love the Elycoya. Great steak & cheese plus when they took the lobster pizza off the menu, I told them I was really disappointed and they went ahead and made me one!

            1. re: Pegmeister

              very nice. btw - the wining butcher in Meredith (I was told) is quite bigger then gilford.

              I've since had their crab cakes - soooo very fantastic. Love their venison sausage with blueberry (actually it's not theirs, it's in the frozen section but really really good). I just recently had their teriyaki sirloin (on a stick) = fantastic. My Dad raves about the lamb but haven't tried yet.