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Feb 4, 2010 05:05 PM

Armsby Abbey Jerk Chicken Sandwich [Worcester, MA]

The jerk chicken sandwich at Armsby Abbey is a purifying experience.

Anyone else had it? I love it! It treats me like crap, but ... that makes me want it more, I think. (am I a bad person?)

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  1. We were there for brunch a couple weekends ago and I had the jerk chicken breakfast sandwich. Our waitress made sure I knew it was *authentically spicy* and wow, what an amazing experience. I'm not real up on jerk flavors but I love spice and it was really complex. (Luckily mr. bakinggirl had the mac and cheese so I was able to hose my mouth down with cheesy goodness.)
    Highly recommend Armsby Abbey to anyone looking for a laid-back wonderful food & drink experience (sans children, that is).

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      Where the h... is Armsby Abbey???

    2. I went there for lunch on Thursday because I was craving that sandwich -- it is a beautiful thing. They sometimes offer it in a pork version, which may be even more beautiful. Either way it's an endorphin rush on a bun -- not for the timid, though. My brother, who likes to think he can handle hot food, couldn't eat it.