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Feb 4, 2010 04:02 PM

Lesser-known delights of NY Noodletown?

Despite the extensive menu, I a;most always find myself ordering the same -- wonton soup w/ roast pork; a roast or salt-baked poultry or pork; peashoots or flowering chives.

After reading praise of the Singapore mai fun, I much enjoyed it. But what else to try instead of my reliable pleasures? What is ha moon (not sure I got it right) mai fun?

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    1. i really like the soy sauce chicken, the fried squid and shrimp wonton

      1. My wife loves the chow fun there. I'm usually too busy gnawing on the salt baked shrimp or the baby pig on rice to really try.

        1. I find the singapore chow fun superior to the mei (mai?) fun. And I'll endorse the Salt and Pepper squid as well.

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          1. re: CalJack

            I second the singapore chow fun, although I ask for it spicy, since it's usually milder than the mei fun. I wasn't blown away by the salt baked squid, but the roast duck and flowering chives was a huge winner.

            1. re: sholli

              Has anyone ever ordered the shredded chicken w/peashoots or the roast duck w/peashoots? Is there any reason that this would be preferable to ordering the items a la carte? Any significant variation in the way they're presented or prepared? (price difference appears negligible)

          2. The salt baked squid is well as the beef chow fun and eggplant over rice. I actually don't like the noodle/wonton soups anymore...

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