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Feb 4, 2010 02:28 PM

Dinner Recs needed along 84 and 91 between CT and Vermont

The goal would be to find really high quality food that can get us in and out relatively quickly. Close proximity to the highways is important. This is our route up to the ski slopes, so we don't want to kill too much time, but I hate to let a meal go to waste. Any and all suggestions would be welcome.


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  1. From 84East you can take exit 43 and follow the signs to West Hartford Center... it's maybe a mile from the exit... if you're traveling on a weekend night it's not going to be a quick in & out anywhere...but Max Burger on the edge of the center may have easier parking...they don't accept reservations... they have awesome tuna burgers and sweet potato fries among other the board for West Hartford and you'll find many posts for other restaurants as well...

    1. Right off Rte 84 in Vernon, CT is Rein's Deli. Excellent New York Deli style food along with a full bar too. Their traditional deli sandwichs are great as is their matzo ball soup and cheesecake. My daughters used to crave their Mac & Cheese too.

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        Except that Vernon is not on their route... it's past the 91 interchange...

      2. El Serape in Enfield, CT, perhaps?

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            Sarapes (Enfield, CT) was featured in this past Thursday's Hartford Courant:

            Please don't ask me why there are two different names for this restaurant. Suffice to say, head to Enfield and you'll find it, I'm sure. :) It's been on my list (to try) for a while.

            El Sarape Restaurante
            917 Enfield St, Enfield, CT 06082

        1. Thanks everyone, we're heading up again tomorrow and will definitely be dining according to suggestions.

          1. Tapas in West Hartford, CT

            Lena's in Hartford: you can go waitress service or cafeteria style for some great soups and ready to eat pizza slices, calzones, stromboli etc.

            north of Hartford some good polish food at Belvedere Deli
            (closes at 7 pm) or Polish Deli in Enfield