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Feb 4, 2010 02:23 PM

Blue Moon Bistro in Dennis Village/Cape Cod

Too tired to cook, too tired to drive far so my daughter chose Blue Moon Bistro. I love the setting but it was really warm. They had a 3 course menu for 33.00. I also overheard the waitress tell another table they have a 25.00 wine menu and you can take the bottle home. We were not offered that but it's good to know. I chose the 3 course. My starter was a lobster turnip bisque. My entree was stuffed sole with lobster sauce and my dessert was a blueberry mousse tarte. My daughter chose French onion soup and duck.

The best part of the meal is the bread selection. Homemade breadsticks, rosemary bread and crispy cheesy cracker bread. The bean dip I still don't love and I don't eat liver so passed on that..My DD tried it and did not fancy it at all.

My cup of soup was hot and tasty like lobster turnip bisque. It was fine. DD did not love her soup. It had a very strong rosemary taste. Her entree came. She ordered it medium and IMHO it was well done. Not enough sauce and it tasted very gamey. My sole was nice. The sauce was florescent orange. The haricot verte were nice. Her grilled sweet potatoes were AMAZING. She also had spinach. I asked for my dessert to go. When the box came it was so light. I opened it and saw a tiny little tart about the size of a peach pit. I ate it in one bite as soon as I got home. The bill was 87 with tip. The service was wonderful!! I want to love this place..but, I still miss Contrast Bistro.

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