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Feb 4, 2010 02:17 PM

New Diners, Springfield, Delco.

Has anyone tried the new Liberty Diner on Baltimore Pk.? I've heard of one positive review and one negative review.

Also, a new diner, the Springfield Diner, will be opening at the old Bennigans on Baltimore Pk., across from Kohls.
It will "reflect the same standards for excellence" as the Collegeville Diner, owned by "Andy Elghawy, which has "received numerous awards".
What should be expecting and looking forward to?

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  1. Stopped by Liberty for breakfast a few weeks ago. It was solid, nothing spectacular. All the regular dishes at the same prices as any other place around. they did have eggs benedict which not everyplace has. The potatoes were ok.

    I have to say that watching DDandD with Guy Fieri makes me lament the state of diners around here. No specialties, no pizazz, no signature dishes.

    For example, I love corned beef hash but I have yet to find a diner around this area that does not serve it from the same communal can. I was out in CA visiting family at a little dive coffee shop that had been in West Portal in SF for 60 years and order corn beef hash. It was so obvious that it was real homemade corned beef mixed with fresh potato that I wanted to move home immediately.

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      Not a D,D, or D.....but corned beef hash you want?-- Hymie's Deli on Montgomery Ave in Bala Cynwyd. Thickly sliced Kosher corned beef cut up and grilled with the usual ingredients (onions, peppers, potatoes) and made to order.

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        You know I had forgotten about that. I had them make Pastrami hash once. I think the problem is in my mind there is a difference between a Diner and a Jewish Deli. Even though the menus are effectively the same. Thanks for the reminder!