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Feb 4, 2010 02:11 PM

Caplansky's -- mishap in the kitchen sets off explosion

Restaurant is closed until further notice. Perhaps reopen tomorrow? All according to Caplansky twitter account.

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  1. A new fryer was installed and it blew up. Re-opens tomaorrow

      1. re: GoodGravy

        It seems just one person was injured, the technician who was doing the installation

        There's more to the story. Zane has posted about this on his blog.

        1. re: num nums

          It could have been worse. The technician could have been hired directly by Zane. Then the MOL would be all over him.

          One poorly trained technician who doesn't have the good sense to put safety first can really ruin your day.

      2. Quite the story on the blog. They are open today (Friday).

        1. I was in for breakfast today. I thought about staying away since it was my first (and long-anticipated) visit, and having heard about the mishap I thought they wouldn't be fully back in the swing of things. Couldn't have been further from the truth... everything was great.

          Review on my blog: