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Feb 4, 2010 01:42 PM

Sonoma: La Bodega Cheese and Pasta in the Sonoma Wine Shop?

What is the deal here?

I've long had the Sonoma Wine Shop on my to-try list but never made it there. It seems they also have cheese and pasta. Is this new? Can you eat the pasta there or is it just take-home?

There's not much about it on the web and even Yelp is vague about this. Positive mention in this recent post

From the website

"we provide over 60 California cheeses and house made 'french styled' pastas. Currently wild mushrooms from Sonoma Coast are being picked and prepared by Rick Vargas, La Bodega's excellent chef. Open Thursday through Monday til 6 pm for some of the best vegetarian food in Sonoma County"

I know that last is a bit promotional, but wanted to leave it because of the dearrth of vegetarian and vegan food in Sonoma, so it is interesting that someone has that focus. All the cheeses are vegetarian.

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  1. Omigosh, Chef Rick Vargas has resurfaced! This is good news.

    1. They tried to serve me the pasta on the spot. There was a guy there making pasta (as in, kneading and mixing) as we snacked on the cheese, and there was some gesticulating with tongs about whether we'd like some pasta. Didn't eat it.

      The woman in charge of the cheese was a spirited young french woman. I had to explain what I liked, and she winnowed that vague desire down to a sample of about 6 cheeses, which we snacked on at an outside table. The cheese that knocked me over, and I bought a bit of, was very strong and she joked that of course I couldn't like a cheese like that, only the french like that style.

      Like a winery, if you buy cheese they give you a discount - your tasting price.

      Assuming it's all the same as it was this summer. The place seemed slightly temporary and thrown together; charmingly so. Maybe it's more formal now.

      EDIT: Bohemian Creamery Bo Poisse. Stunning.

      1. Biteclub reports that Rick Vargas has opened a second location in Sebastopol, back to his original Bistro V spot.