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Feb 4, 2010 01:41 PM

DTW- Restaurant with good cheese selection?

I was recently in New York and ate at a wine and Cheese bar. They had a great assortment of cheeses to choose from (and other foods but the cheese was the star). It was a great time for my wife and I.

Does anyone know a place in metro Detroit that would offer a good cheese list that we could do sorta small plates style?

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  1. Enoteca in Detroit does this. You can get cheese "flights." Quite expensive but decent. Sort of hip atmosphere with techno music. Outdoor seating in warmer weather.

    1. I don't *know*. I have a hunch that if you could find 4-6 couples sharing this interest, that
      Modern Food & Spirits in Keego might consider doing something for you.

      1. vinotecca in royal oak - wine bar with a small cheese assortment on their menu

        1. While I have yet to find a place that would satisfy my cheese flight needs (although I am gonna be hitting "Enoteca" soon)....

          I did have the Butchers Snack Board at Jolly Pumpkin and was presented with three great cheeses that are on rotation along with the Charcuterie that is coming from the upcoming Corridor Sausage Company.

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            In Ann Arbor - Zingerman's Roadhouse ... and Grange.