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Feb 4, 2010 01:34 PM

San Antonio

I am staying at the Hilton Riverwalk and am looking for the best bbq in town. Does great BBQ exist near here or do I have to head out of town? If so, where? I might have a car if I have a meeting in Comal County. Anything good here or near here?


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  1. Let me rephrase this in another way. I am from NYC, in NYC we hear quite a bit how our BBQ and Mexican do not compare to Texas. What I am looking for is food that validates this belief. I am not looking for touristy stuff but rather the delicious authentic food that makes Texans abroad homesick.

    Looking for real Texas BBQ, real Mexican, real TexMex and anything else I am missing. If there is something else local and good I want that too. Good breakfast tacos, menudo, lengua, goat especially.

    I will be staying downtown near the convention center so around there would be good(I would imagine the whole area is touristy). I might have a car one or two nights.

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      You've probably already looked at these threads, mostly dealing with the central Texas BBQ tour. If you're headed up to New Braunfels, this won't be too far off the track. If you're stuck in town, I'd opt for Two Brosor Rudy's (you'll still need a car for either). TexMex taquerias are virtually everywhere in town -it really depends on what you're looking for. Mi Tierra (Market Square) is only place that comes to mind for cabrito-very touristy/crowded. If I was downtown, I'd probably go to Rosarios

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        Thanks for the help. Hopefully I will have be able to get a bit further afield for the bbq.

        Are there any good hole in the wall Mexican places within walking distance of my hotel?

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          Mi Tierra's has tourists, but plenty of locals eat there because it is still autentic and it been a tradition before the tourists "found" it.

          Mexican sweet bread snacks are worth a trip...Cabrito done up right, and SA style breakfasts...tacos,menudo, barbacoa, huevos rancheros...and the're open 24/7

          you dont have to drive all over Texas for good BBQ, the river walk has County line BBQ. You would have to an old smokehouse out in the country to find better.
          Also, its not just brisket that makes Southcentral Texas BBQ good, its the sausage, pork and chicken. and the sides. potato salad, beans, cole slaw, and you need...white bread, pickle chips and sliced onion. Pickled Jalepeno is optional.

          Have lunch at County line, then go to Coopers, or Mc Bee's in New Braunfels...then you can compare.

          look over the Riverwalks website to see whats in walking distance from you..

    2. Thanks for the recs all unfortunately I did not have a vehicle so I was semi restricted to the area around my hotel.

      Mi Tierra was so so and not better than NYC food. I did enjoy their clamato based michelada.

      El Mirador-I ended up eating here twice as it was a quick walk from my hotel. They had excellent breakfast tacos for around $2 a piece. The chicharonnes was particularly good.

      Guadalajara-Ate lunch here one day, The Oaxacan Chicken Mole enchiladas were excellent. I would recommend this dish.

      County Line BBQ-The only restaurant I ate at on the riverwalk. I got the BBQ sampler which was decent but not great. The beef rib was very good, just toothsome enough with a nice degree of fat. The brisket was very dry and they don't offer the fatty kind. Sausage was pretty good, nice and smoky. Good black eyed peas came with it.

      Thanks again for the recs.