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Feb 4, 2010 12:59 PM

New Deal Seafood Really is Superb

Hit it yesterday. The sheer variety was astounding. Wish I had had friends coming over because they had whole head-on red snapper that were large and very pretty.

Prices were a little higher then when I was last there on Christmas Eve (sweet shrimp and halibut), but fish IS expensive this time of year cause you have to be a bit crazy to go fishing in the Northern Hemisphere in February. And if it's flown in, well then it's expensive regardless.

I settled on some wild salmon and some sardines. The sardines were full stop the freshest I have ever had anywhere. They were glistening and opalescent like the fresh out of the water mackeral I sometimes catch myself. And they were sweet and delicate with not a hint of the fishiness (which I don't mind in sardines) that these delicate fish sometimes have.

It's worth the trip. It is a destination in it's own right. I'm not the first to say it (9Lives) but if you want fish in Boston, it's hard to beat New Deal.

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  1. I also love New Deal, but recently started going to Mercato del Mare out of convience. And I have to say the quality is on par

    1. Did you see any fresh smelt while you were there?

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      1. re: Spike

        Definitely not, but call, I am sure they would get them for you.

      2. I would add that Court House Fish slightly up the street from the New Deal is equally good. We are very lucky to have such a variety of fresh seafood available to us in Boston.

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        1. re: RoyRon

          Court house is excellent, but I give the edge to New Deal.

          1. re: StriperGuy

            I agree -- I also give the edge to New Deal because Carl Fantasia (the owner) will offer up recipes and tips to go along with the fish.

        2. I worked nearby over the last year and stopped at New Deal and Courthouse regularly on Friday, now I'm at Alewife which is less convenient, it was great to pick up whatever looked good/great on the way home!

          Looking forward to Ebusiya's fish selections as I like Japanese style seafood, but New Deal and Courthouse will always be a go-to option.

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          1. re: steinpilz

            New Deal is my favorite though I'll use Court House and Captain marden's as well. I find the variety, particularly of whole fish, best at New Deal. I have tried Sea to Us since it opened in Brookline and was very happy with the big eye tuna we bought. But when it comes to range, New Deal seems to me consistently the best. The added advantage is running across the street for eggs, chicken and rabbit at Mayflower.

          2. I don't live in Somerville anymore, and I miss New Deal very, very much. The guy there has the best eye for what's available--Courthouse is just fine, but New Deal is The King.